56 Years and I Still Miss Him

My Grandfather
December 15, 1964. A little girl and her brother found their grandfather on a peaceful hillside where he had closed his eyes for the final time. Around him was the Christmas greenery he had gone on the hill to gather for the family Christmas. This little girl felt so sad for so long. I’m not sad any more, but I have not forgotten. I will always remember the day I lost one of the best friends I would ever have. Only now as a grandmother myself can I even begin to fathom the depth of what you knew about being loving and kind and gentle. Even now, I miss you and every December 15th I remember you with love. Not for what I lost but for all the gifts you gave me.

33 thoughts on “56 Years and I Still Miss Him”

    1. It was so hard, Don. I was 10 years old and his passing had a tremendous impact on my life. I am thankful however, that his life had a greater impact than his death

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  1. I’m sorry you had to find him, but glad it was a peaceful hillside, so maybe it was a peaceful passing. I believe your grandfather is pleased that you remember him in this way – loving, kind, and gentle.

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    1. I think it was peaceful. He had gathered the greenery and it was beside him. It was as if he laid down to rest where he could look out over the valley where he spent the majority of his life. What a good man he was.

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      1. That certainly comes across in the post. It’s lovely that you remember him so fondly. I had a beloved uncle whole called me Jeanie who died when I was very young and Jan 3 is always a day I think of how much he loved me and me him.

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    1. Thank you LaDonna. I was fortunate to have such a loving and caring grandfather. The lessons he taught me have seen me through all the ups and downs in my life. I am forever grateful.

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  2. You brought me back to the moment I answered the phone and learned that my grandfather had died as he ate his morning oatmeal! He had “died” once before and resented having been resuscitated, so I know he was at peace at last.

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    1. My grandfather went to the hospital so many times with his heart. He had nitroglycerin pills but he never carried them on his person. I remember one time, my mom had to rush him to the hospital. When she walked in the ER, he was sitting up laughing with the nurses. My mom told him β€œWalt, the next time you rush to the hospital, you better be dead or I’m going to kill you”.

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