Monday Missive – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like

Winter, Christmas, political jockeying, quarantine, a time of hope, you name it. Let’s get started.

  • We had another 1.85 inches of rain last night. The rain started around midnight and heavy rain woke me about 5:00 AM. I love sleeping to the sound of rain.
  • We have a tiny chance of snow falling this coming Wednesday. It would be nice to see a little of the white stuff fall.
  • My mailed and shipped packages are all taking longer to be delivered by 2-3 days. All related to Covid they say. I have two packages in transit and then everything Christmas related will have been delivered.
  • I do have some gifts to wrap. We will deliver presents (no contact) to our two children and their families that live close by. Hubby and I exchange small gifts, but nothing elaborate. We will be content to just relax and enjoy the day.
  • Last week I watched the “The Social Dilemma”. It is a documentary about our social networks, presented by the architects that built them. It was a worthwhile 90 minutes – on Netflix. I recommend everyone watch it. Privacy is an illusion when it comes to these platforms.
  • Hubby and I also watched Dolly Parton’s “Christmas on the Square”. It is a musical feel good Christmas story. I even cried a little.
  • Today, the electoral college votes are tallied. But it will not be the end of the controversy until January 6th. I am ready to move forward.
  • The first of the Covid-19 vaccines rolled out over the weekend. Such hope. Of course Governor DeSantis from Florida has already suggested ‘stretching’ the available vaccine by administering one dose instead of the two doses 3-weeks apart. SMH 🤦‍♀️
  • Our state like many others introduced new restrictions last week. Bars, restaurants, etc., must close from 10:00 pm until 5:00 am and people are required to be at home during those hours unless traveling for food, medical care, etc. I cannot remember the last time I was out between those hours.
  • The rain is coming to and end but the winds have kicked up now. This disturbance should be out of our area by noon or so.

That’s it for now. Hope you have a great Monday and a peaceful and easy week.


9 thoughts on “Monday Missive – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like”

  1. We have had many people vaccinated now. They are all getting the two-dose Pfizer vaccine, three weeks apart. (Free of charge of course) Some people with existing severe allergies have had bad reactions to it though, so anyone with such allergies is being advised not to have it. Despite the hope for 2021 with the vaccine, around 500 people are still dying of Covid-19 every day in England.
    Talking of online privacy, I can recommend this film. You won’t want to leave your laptop camera active after watching it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Our first vaccines were given today in my state. There will be much more sadness before there is much improvement.

      I always shut my laptop down when not in use. I will check for the film. Most people in the development arena keep their camera tapes over all the time.

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  2. Can’t believe the Florida Governor is suggesting ‘stretching’ the vaccine. I hope things get on an even keel on January 6th. The New President has a lot of work to do!
    Privacy – I long ago realised once we go on any form of social media we have none. And I suspect, even if we close down our social media accounts it’s too late.
    Never mind, let’s eat, drink and be merry for the next couple of weeks 🙂

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  3. Well, I’ll be getting the vaccine as soon as it’s available as will Tim.

    Strange times that we’re living through.

    The numbers here in NC just get worse; Worrisome. I’m thinking about not walking with my also careful friend this week – she’s careful, but not quite hunkered down as much as we are. But I’m going to the grocery a couple of times a week, so I’m probably just worrying unnecessarily.

    I, like you, can’t remember when I was out after 10 pm or up before 5 am. Maybe for a dawn flight abroad out of Atlanta years ago?

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    1. Governor Cooper indicated we (65+) would be in the second group to be vaccinated. We will get the vaccine as soon as possible as well.


  4. I agree that our privacy is already breached for having been on social media.
    DeSantis needs a HUGE reality check! His proposal will make the one dose a waste of time. I hope President Biden straightens his ” butt” big time!

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