SoCS – Don’t Cross Your Legs

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My birth put me trailing the hippie era a few years, but I embraced it just the same. When I graduated from high school, I went directly into the Air Force. The day I left for Basic Training I wore a dress I had made myself.

As soon as that first six weeks were complete, we all embraced our free time and spent our excess money buying clothes. My hair was long and straight as a board. I wore headbands and hip-huggers, peasant blouses and mini-skirts. Being out of uniform was a time to embrace and having all my expenses paid for me meant I had a good amount of disposable income. Of course, the mini-skirts were a part of my wardrobe in high school, too.

Now there were rules when wearing a mini-skirt. ‘Don’t cross your legs’ and ‘Keep your knees together’ and ‘Don’t bend over, squat down’. “Always be a lady no matter what you wear “ was the mantra at my house. Believe me when I tell you my mother would definitely crack the whip to make sure I behaved accordingly.

Maxi-dresses were also a thing, but let’s be honest, they weren’t nearly as much fun to wear, nor did they compliment the legs like a mini-skirt did. I hit my maxi-dress phase when I hit my late 40’s. It was a more relaxed vibe and did not have so many rules.

I still have one mini-skirt type dress that hangs in my closet. I am long beyond wearing it, but I keep it for sentimental reasons.


25 thoughts on “SoCS – Don’t Cross Your Legs”

  1. I remember the first mini dress I made for myself in high school home economics. Mom complained about the lack of length, but I didn’t care. It was fashion and I had the legs back then!

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        1. They did not buy it of course, but then they often saw through my weak arguments when it came to fashion. I never found hot-pants to be at all comfortable to wear. I was a mini-skirt girl all the way.

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          1. My mom came from an era when the Catholic school nuns sent mom home for wearing a sleeveless dress. Of all the nerve! But this is why she kept insisting that knee-length dresses were in style and I kept thinking, “Yeah, for old people.” Now I’m old and completely understand. 😀

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  2. I see what you mean about a similar journey of fashion, I threw vin the car too. I worked as a window dresser and I loved fashion. Great days . I really enjoyed your piece 💜💜

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