One Liner Wednesday – Soup Weather

My husband loves to cook and try new recipes. A few nights ago he announced he was going to make wonton soup for dinner. When anyone in my house offers to cook, I gladly move aside and let them explore their culinary creativity.

From the living room I hear him say “I hope I’m folding these right” to which I respond by googling “how to fold wontons” and this video pops up and begins to play.

He walks out of the kitchen, stands over my shoulder to watch the video, turns and returns to the kitchen when I hear him say to himself:

”I didn’t do that.”

I’m not sure what he had not done, but the soup and the wontons were great.

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12 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – Soup Weather”

  1. I wish my hubbie loved to cook! I am so tired of cooking all the time, but find it hard to justify takeout. Here in Asheville, to me, the restaurant experience is the key; it not really about the food, although it’s always delicious.


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