Words Fail Me

I wrote a long post this morning. It sits in my drafts folder, waiting. For what I am not sure. Maybe it was 30 days of intense writing, maybe its the pandemic, or maybe I just have little to say coming together to form this roadblock.

This morning I realized how futile it is to try and force a blog post. It lacks authenticity. It smacks of some bizarre desperation. Writing generally flows easily for me, but this morning was not the case.

My thoughts are scattered. I cannot focus one one topic long enough to write anything coherent. Maybe it is because my house is in chaos. Today I am doing a deep clean in preparation for the days leading up to Christmas. I function must better when my world has order.

Did I say I function better when my world has order? Wow. As I write, I realize how much our world is spinning in chaos. Such an environment is not fertile ground for clearly thought-out writing. It even hampers off-the-cuff writing – for me at least. And the chaos is not going anywhere anytime soon.

It was almost one year ago to the day when I recorded and published the first of 100+ videos – one every day. I went back and watched those early videos and am toying with the idea of recording a new series. Not 100 days, but something to get the jumble of thoughts moving. Right now they are so stagnant.

For this moment though, I am going to put on Christmas music and get busy organizing what I can and enjoying a few thoughtless moments.