One Liner Wednesday – Baby It’s Cold Outside

“Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”
Oscar Wilde

Well, here I am again – being unimaginative and talking about the weather. I remember as a child I thought all ‘old’ people talked about was the weather.

They predicted lows in the high 20° F range last night but we never got below 30° F. I saw places north of us had a light covering of snow. To be fair, though, I had to run an errand and I did see flakes flying in the air so technically I saw snow.

Fall seemed to fly by. It was interrupted by two large storms that brought the leaves down early. It is not winter yet, but it certainly does feel like winter.

Today I am thankful the sun is flooding the living room. It tricks you into thinking it is warmer than it is. I hope to put away all the clutter than remains after unpacking all the holiday decorations. I am ready to settle into nights in front of the Christmas tree, hot cocoa, and maybe even a few holiday movies along way.

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16 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – Baby It’s Cold Outside”

  1. talking – even unimaginative discourse about the weather is better than shooting. And I don’t think Oscar had to go through 9 months of covid. though he did indeed have his own issues to deal with. no nasty snide insinuations intended. we have the sunshine here today. and it feels very good after the storm that just blew through. I can enjoy moments of unimaginative. Be well maggie !

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    1. Thanks, John. The sun is shining today and it is a spirit-lifter for sure! The weather isn’t a bad subject considering the alternatives!

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  2. Wilde was Irish. If he had been English, he would have known that talking about the weather is essential! (Cold and wet here, dark today by 3:25 pm, and Juie is watching a Christmas romance film on TV!)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. You and I both talk about the weather quite a bit. It is a factor in retirement more than it seems to be while working. Many of our enjoyable ventures are dependent on the weather.

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  3. The weather is a fine topic of conversation. At work when we had to socialize and there was a lull in the conversation it was always filled with “what are you going to do this weekend?” No one cared what anyone else was going to do but when one of the six asked that question, it signaled an end to what we were doing and time to go back to our desks. The weather could have been a code word too. haha 🙂

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  4. The weather is a great conversation topic these days. It is hard to make too political if you stay off from the climate change aspect. Everyone can add their two cents worth. And if anyone is wrong today they will be right tomorrow given how quickly the weather changes.

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