SoCS – I Can See Clearly Now

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This week’s prompt:
Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “opt.” Use it as a word or find a word with “opt” in it and base your post on that. Have fun!

Glasses. What would I do without them? Fall over a lot of things I imagine. They are critical for me to read, write, recognize people, and of course drive but they do pose their own set of problems.

The latest problem is mask wearing. My glasses fog up a lot! Not optimal for seeing let me tell you. I know all the tricks, but still, they fog up.

Back when I was taking a lot of photography lessons, they also posed problems. Especially when I took a class in large format photography. When you take photos with one of those camera, the image is upside down and reversed. Now one would think that doesn’t pose a problem, but focusing the image precisely was difficult. Many people who wore glasses often took them off to focus. Unfortunately, that was not an option for me.

When I bought my digital Nikon D70 (my first digital camera) focusing was still a problem so I relied more and more on autofocus. Blech. Real photographers don’t rely on autofocus, or so my instructors said. The truth is, autofocus requires a sharp edge to allow the autofocus to work correctly. That’s why you often see images of soft subjects slightly out of focus.

Now I loved this camera, but wearing glasses again made it difficult to focus through the viewfinder. Then, magically one day I discovered my camera had a diopter setting in the viewfinder. (See what you discover when you read the manual!) This setting allows for a slight adjustment so many people can focus the camera without wearing their glasses. I needed my glasses, but it helped immensely.

The optics in cameras are amazing but our human limitations still come into play. I learned later on I could actually order a corrective lens for my camera. Who knew?