Monday Missive – A Cautionary Tale

Hello good readers. It is the Monday before our American Thanksgiving, Donald Trump is still president and fighting the results of the election, and the virus is still raging. Unlike many Americans, we are staying home and trying to keep us and our extended family safe.

  • Let’s start with Thanksgiving – a day set aside to find thanks in all we are blessed to have in our lives. It is also a traditional time for families together together and enjoy a too-large meal and watch the Macy’s parade and some rival football games. We have not even decided what we are cooking yet.  We know it will not be a turkey. It is just too much food for the two of us. We are giving thanks for our health and the health of those we know and love, but most other traditions will be set aside until there is an effective vaccine available to the general population.
  • The family Christmas tree. This weekend is normally the time we embark on a trip into the mountains to select a Christmas tree. We normally go to a Christmas tree farm, select the perfect tree, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa or warm apple cider and then head home. We usually pick a tall tree because we have very high ceilings. This year we know that size tree is going to be selling for $250. It might be time to reconsider the size and location. Last year we took our great-niece with us to select our tree, but we will not do that this year.
  • Speaking of Christmas, we are doing all of our shopping online this year. Some we are having shipped directly to our grandchildren’s homes which means their parents get to wrap the gifts and put them under the tree. Wrapping gifts is one of the joyful but frustrating tasks!  It does not look like we will be gathering for Christmas either.
  • The virus. When will people learn? How long until our healthcare system crumbles? No one is listening to the workers who have been going at this pace for 9 months. I cannot imagine their state of mind. I never thought ignorance was so rampant.
  • NaNoWriMo – I am behind now. Today will be spent writing and trying to catch up.
  • I found out via a community newsletter that one of my cousins passed away. We were not close once we all grew up and moved away but we were a close knit group growing up. Our family structure seemed to unravel with the deaths of our matriarchs. It made me sad just the same.
  • I have had a ‘crick’ in my neck for several days. Maybe from writing or bending over the jewelry bench. Advancing age has its challenges.
  • The highlight of my week has been the stream of videos from our three year old granddaughter. She is a hoot! Every morsel of life is new and exciting to her.
  • The election. Yes, we are still talking about it. There are enough bloggers writing excellent posts about it, so I will just say Jan 20th cannot get here soon enough.
  • So, with that, I close wishing a happy and healthy week for all of us – no matter the challenges.