Discovering Contemporary Writers and Poets

I am not as familiar with contemporary poets as I should be. I have been delving into poetry and prose more of late. I never professed to have a poet’s voice, but I do appreciate those that do.

This week I have been reading some of the work of Iain S. Thomas, a South African poet living in Cape Town.

He wrote a book earlier this year entitled What We Should Do When This Is Over to deal with his own anxiety about the pandemic and the mundane things he misses.

He may be best known for his collaborative work with photographer Jon Ellis entitled I Wrote This For You. I discovered he has a presence on Spotify and Facebook so I will be exploring more there.

In researching more of his work, I stumbled on this in Twitter and it spoke to me like nothing has in a very long time.  I hope you read it and it is impactful to you as it was to me.


If you have a favorite contemporary poet you enjoy, I would appreciate it if you would drop their name in the comments. I love expanding my horizons.

13 thoughts on “Discovering Contemporary Writers and Poets”

  1. I read little poetry written since the turn of the century, and not that much from the century before. But I have shared that Twitter link, as I agree it has great impact.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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