Monday Missive –

This month has been no joke. While on one hand I feel very accomplished, on the other I feel like I am getting nothing done. Let’s get started.

  • Yesterday I was under the weather with a stomach bug. Thankfully I feel much better today.
  • Yesterday also marked the midpoint of NaNoWriMo. I am on track with my word count just over 25,000 words. I will not say it is a great novel, but more an exercise in character development. One of my characters killed off her father in an accident/no accident. I am anxious to read this when NaNo has passed to see how I react to the characters after-the-fact.
  • When I am not writing, I have been working in my studio making jewelry. It is a learning curve when you face problems and must work out the solutions on your own. I have a few things stacked on my bench ready to mail. That makes me happy.
  • Speaking of jewelry, last night I camped out in front of the TV and watched YouTube videos on jewelry techniques. There is always something to learn and always some new tool or gadget I think I ‘need’.
  • Low temperatures are dropping into the 30’s again this week, but never fear, the high on Sunday should be back into the 70’s. The weather here is challenging. I started on Saturday in shorts and by the evening I was in sweats with my hoodie on.
  • Of course, the virus is raging and we still have so many deniers. We are staying put as much as possible. The advice is to go back to the same precautions we used in April. Our state never fully opened up and the latest restrictions were extended until December 4th.
  • The deniers. I don’t get it, honestly. Last night I read a nurse’s account of dealing with Covid patients who are still deniers. She said they yell at them and tell them that Covid is just a cold or the flu. This statement stuck with me: “…they yell until they are intubated. Then the yelling stops.” I cannot imagine how hard the life of our healthcare workers is right now.
  • I have also been trying to order gifts for the grandchildren for Christmas. We have no plans to gather with family or friends for Thanksgiving or Christmas. We will still get a tree and decorate, but the cooking will just be for the two of us. I ‘might’ bake and mail goodies, but no promises yet. Anywhere you can find joy, grab it!
  • This might be a good year to send holiday greeting cards. It’s just the energy factor and what news to share. Maybe this year is just a signature or perhaps it is a ‘can’t wait until 2020 is over’. Maybe those cards are not such a good idea after all. Sitting with a warm cup of coffee, with holiday music in the background while writing cards still sounds festive to me, though.
  • I have been reading blogs and catching up. Not commenting much, but I am reading. I will be back to normal (what is normal?) in December.

So how are you doing? What are you doing to maintain balance and your mental health?  Wherever you are and whatever you do I hope you mask up and stay safe. We are nowhere near being out of the woods yet.

Wishing you a wonderful week!


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  1. We cannot help feeling that Christmas is cancelled. We had booked a restaurant for the 25th, but now they are no longer sure they will be open. My wife is unlikely to see her children and grandchildren because of lockdown, though she can leave their presents outside and ‘wave’. For my part, I think we will be writing about the same things in November, 2021.
    Life as we knew it has changed. We have to wake up, and smell the coffee.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Things have certainly changed us and the confidence we have in life. I try not to think too far ahead. There are a number of critical steps we must get through before we can even come close to getting some semblance of normalcy back. Ignorance and denial of science are two big brick walls we must climb or plow through. We will celebrate the holidays and do our part to curb the virus.

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  2. WOW, you sound like you are achieving loads.
    I walk by the ocean, listen to music, take online computer and spanish classes as well as play with our three does to keep as sane as I will ever be. Oh and watch sport on TV and plant stuff in the garden.
    Not bad, I guess, and stay well away from people and any crowded places.

    Luckily, I am not into Christmas at all so it doesn’t cost me a thought except the worry that partying and mad shopping by others could set the virus off again at high speed over here.

    Take care,

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    1. I certainly hope people use restraint when it comes to holiday shopping and festivities. We will not be celebrating with any family or friends, instead doing our part to curb this virus.


  3. It’s a strange time. Positive election results. Good vaccine news, great. Current president continuing bizarre behavior, not good. Covid infections news, awful. Staying at home, well, getting tiresome, but I’m not going anywhere. Jewelry and writing, good.

    I try to maintain balance by walking, listening to interesting podcasts, and working on maintaining equilibrium with various energy practices that I’d never thought I’d do before. Being out in nature is the best restorer for me!

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      1. Well, for me, they’re more along the lines of deep breathing, tapping, and “anchoring” — none of which (aside from tapping) that I’d ever practiced before. My main-stream therapist of 5 years ago has now turned into adding energy healer to her practice. It’s rather remarkable — I think she’s using combinations of Reiki and healing energy, which she can also do remotely apparently. But even some of these simple practices can be be remarkably helpful. Uh, I’m still trying to up my frequency of doing them!

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        1. I have had Reiki twice and have heard good things about tapping. We should talk soon. I would love to hear how you are doing.


  4. I ordered a gigantic amount of food from a local place that trains inner city kids to cook. They can’t get jobs right now, so they are cooking and delivering instead. I will split the order 20/80 with my daughter’s family and mine. First Thanksgiving that I haven’t cooked in umpteen years. As for sanity, I am on a biography reading binge. I never used to like them, but they seem to be grounding me right now.

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