SoCS – Ring, Ring, Who’s There?

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This week’s prompt:
Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ring.” Use it as a noun, a verb, an adverb, or an adjective…use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Color me absent lately (does that reference work or is it just for those of a particular age)? Between InkTober and NaNoWriMo I have felt like October and November have been their own mini 2020.

November has been a bit of a Ring of Fire. (I went down down down and the flames went higher or something like that…) I feel like this month has consumed me and we are only half way into it. It has been a challenge to write everyday. I am coming up on 22,000 words which is a lot in a normal year, but To keep my head above water in 2020 is saying something in itself.

I am depending more and more on my Spidey Senses here lately. There is so much chatter going on in the world that I depend on my gut to help me determine what has the ring of truth. I am tuned to a pretty high frequency and this is working well for me.

Our fall leaves are now blanketing the ground. They are losing their pliability and now crunch loudly under my feet. I love that sound, but if I am honest, this is my least favorite part of fall. The bare trees are a prelude to the briskness of winter. Predictions are for more snow than last year, but honestly for us, that will still not be much. The snow I am looking forward to. I think we need to blanket the world in something – it might as well be snow!

This past week was my mother’s birthday. I spent the day relaxing in the quiet and just remembering. I have been missing the strong wise women in my life. Thinking back to a post I wrote earlier in the week they are a huge part of my idealogical construct. They are the voice that helps truth ring through when the world would have me believe something different.

I will catch up on ‘some’ blogs, but for now, it’s back into the fire.

30 thoughts on “SoCS – Ring, Ring, Who’s There?”

  1. I have also been introspective and thinking about death these last two weeks. I heard of four people who died, only once of Covid. One was a very dear friend, one used to be one of the Girl guides I taught. She was only in her thirties. Let’s blanket the world in snow, or will it look too much like a shroud?

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  2. I get the ‘Colour me…’ reference, but then I am 68 years old. :)You did well with using the word in an interesting post, Maggie. It’s like winter here today too. Almost dark at 3 pm, and pouring with cold rain.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. It was cool here this morning, but the house is situated such that the sun pours into our living room during the winter months. It feels so good!


  3. When in doubt always go Spidey Senses. Though mine are off kilter just a bit. Needing that strong female role model to get me on track. Ah to trust myself again.

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  4. You nailed the past month or so with the song “Ring of Fire.” I have now added that to a play list. I love that song, quintessential Cash, and it isn’t funny, but I can listen to it now and cry or laugh thinking of it as the theme song for the recent times. Probably cry AND laugh.

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  5. One of my beloved former pastors died in a North Carolina nursing home up near Asheville this week from covid. It broke my heart to hear that once again the illness had hit a home of helpless people. Stay safe. Stay true.

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  6. I can’t imagine doing NaNoWriMo after Inktober, although I really enjoyed Inktober this year. I haven’t yet done a drawing/watercolor in November, but the first half of the month has been a churner, that’s for sure. Not easy times. Thank goodness that Biden won.

    All I can manage is daily walks, cooking healthy food, and trying to stay hopeful, while managing all of the household details, yada, yada.

    I’m thankful that we had many years of small Thanksgivings, prior to the last three with extended family from LA and NY. So we’re used to celebrating together.

    It’s so hard for all of you who are parents and grandparents.

    But something I read today in the NYT stiffened my spine even more, as I’m being more careful than ever. This fellow wrote — just think about this as wartime. In WW II, troops didn’t come home for Thanksgiving. My father was in Normandy then, he wrote. And my virtual teatime in Quebec this week featured a remarkable historical review from two local residents of wartime in a local Anglophone community and the Remembrance Day celebrations there on the 75th anniversary of the end of WW II.

    It’s a good reminder of what we’ve faced before and survived.

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    1. There is hope in history if we care to see it. I have often thought about even what my parents lived through. So many families lost loved ones during wartime and somehow, life moved forward. It takes effort to plow through it all and come out on the other side.

      The writing has been both challenging and a blessing. There are long days to fill and this does fill the hours quite nicely.

      Glad you are staying safe.


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