Monday Missive – Powerless

Feeling a bit ‘powerless’ here in the foothills. Grab an Afghan and let’s chat.

    1. Power went out last Thursday, came back on early evening on Sunday.
    2. Last night a cold front moved in with high winds to match. We lost power again. EST time to be back on grid is 6:00 pm tonight.
    3. I started my NaNoWriMo writing last night. 1,680 words in. I was struggling to get started, but now I am moving along. Thus might be a bit of a dark story. Not sure where the muse will take me.
    4. I finished InkTober. I will publish my last sketches when we get power and internet back.
    5. My sympathies are with anyone who tries to blog using a phone. It’s the pits.
    6. Hard to believe it is election week. I never thought I would ever experience so much effort to keep people from voting.
    7. I will be glad when the votes are tallied, but WHEN will that be.
    8. I will respond to all outstanding comments once we are back online.

Have a good Monday. It’s chilly here in my part of the world.


14 thoughts on “Monday Missive – Powerless”

  1. I hope you get your electricity back soon and that there are no more bad storms for a long while.
    I fear it will be at least a week (perhaps weeks) before all votes are tallied, the electoral college votes and a winner is declared. I am anxious about the vote, the results, and what will happen afterward.

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  2. Those frequent power cuts must be so annoying. I have great respect for everyone who blogs using a smartphone. I have never even tried that.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. We got the wind yesterday and today. Fortunately we held onto to power. We are in the city(such as it is–a pretty small city) and the trees have all been pruned back from the wires.


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