SoCS – The Trick is on Me!

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Well, Mother Nature had a big truck planned for ya. When Hurricane Zeta rolled through, there was a lot of wind and rain. We lost power around 7:00 am Thursday morning. Shortly thereafter our cell service disappeared like a ghost! So we have been without power and internet for three days now. We are in the last group estimated to have power restored and that timeline looks to be about 11:00 pm Nov 2nd.

We are fortunate to have a generator especially since we rely on a well. Without power there is no pump. Without a pump there is no water, and without water there is no washing hands or flushing toilets!

The trick is balance. It is not a whole house generator. Things like the A/C are not on it but the heat is (dropped down to 38° F last night). The 220 appliances (stove, microwave and dryer) are not on it but we have a single induction plate that we can use to fry and egg it make a grilled cheese. Luckily we make our morning coffee pour over style so we can plug in the electric tea kettle and make coffee.

We turn the generator off every four hours to conserve propane. It is enough to keep food in the refrigerator and the freezer cold and frozen. During the day is is warm enough to get on without the heat. Last night I put flannel sheets on the bed. Hubby looks forward to the day the house is all tricked out with a HUGE generator!

Yesterday we got cell service back so at least we can communicate now. I am thankful for the workers who came in from Florida and the Midwest to help out. Over 200,000 people are still without power. And most of them have no generator.

In difficult times, the real trick is to count your blessings and bundle up. Staying warm makes everything seem better!



15 thoughts on “SoCS – The Trick is on Me!”

  1. There is something of the frontier spirit that still exists in America, brought on by weather catastrophes rarely experienced in Britain. Our country would never cope in such situations. We just don’t have the personal preparation in place ( as with generators) and no adequate government infrastructure either.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. All good wishes for a speedier recovery than predicted for your electricity. At least your generator is preserving your food! Sending all the best.

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    1. The power came back on at 4:30 pm today (Monday) and we are hoping not to have any damaging winds for a while.


  3. Bad weather only adds to the general sense of chaos around right now. Maybe it was a blessing to lose the internet for a couple of days! Glad you have a generator. We are going to put one in ourselves soon.

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    1. I would never live in this area without a generator, Elizabeth. It is an expense, but most of the people who live here lost a lot of their food supply over these last five days.

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