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Don Ostertag: Off Stage

Celebrity endorsements or protests of political figures or views exploded during the Viet Nam Conflict. Nothing like what is going on the 2020 presidential race, but something totally unseen in the US before then.

Before WWII there was the Isolationist Movement with Charles Lindbergh as the figurehead; but after Pearl Harbor, the movement disappeared. Even Lindbergh volunteered to fight for the Allies. Turned down by the Army Air Corps, he was hired as a civilian advisor. Countless celebrities expressed their views by action, entering the War via draft or volunteering. Their actions better than words.

The Korean Conflict, America’s Forgotten War, received little media attention, let alone public concern. The American Legion and the VFW took a lot of soul searching and time before they accepted the fact that the participants were actual foreign war veterans and could become members. The US and the other countries involved did so under…

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Monday Missive

Another Monday here in the foothills. Time to gather around and have a chat.

  1. Let’s get Covid and politics out of the way real quick. They are both in a miserable state. It is hard to stomach conversations on either. I have made my decisions on both so now it’s time to steer clear of the flak.
  2. Two weeks ago when our numbers began surging in our state, we went back to grocery pickup. We live next to the state line which means people intermix frequently – a mask mandated state and a no mask mandate state. Today was grocery pickup day so it was a busy morning.
  3. My granddaughter’s birthday is on Halloween. I made a trip down to wish her a happy birthday on Saturday and deliver a couple of cute Halloween bags for her and my grandson. All masked and no hugs, but something is better than nothing.
  4. i am growing weary of InkTober. I will see it through, but doing this the month prior to NaNoWriMo was not a good decision. I will do an InkTober lessons learned post on Saturday.
  5. Speaking of NaNoWriMo. Well, I have no plan, no outline, nada. But I will write. For 30 days and hopefully 50,000 words.
  6. We saw two pair of beautiful purple finches at the feeders this morning. Now the pine siskins are back and everything is frantic. There must have been 100 birds out there this morning.
  7. We had another inch of rain over the last 24 hours and are slated to get another 2-3 inches when Tropical Storm Zeta passes through. We have had another rainy year. The last couple of days have been cloudy and it looks to remain the same through the end of the week. Saturday morning our low is predicted to be 35°F. That’s a little too close to freezing for my liking.
  8. The transition is so strange here in the fall. We have azaleas and camellias in bloom as the leaves are turning and falling to the ground. Such is the way in this isothermal region we live in.

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