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This week’s prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “starts with ‘m’.” Use any word that begins with the letter “m” as the subject or theme for your post. Enjoy!

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter M. (Thank you Sesame Street.)

The M word that popped into my mind is midnight.

When I was a little girl I had a cat named Midnight. She was beautiful, sleek and dark black as midnight – thus her name. She was predominately an outside cat. Very few people at the time ever kept animals as pets inside.

When we moved from the Valley to a nearby city, Midnight was left at my grandmother’s house. (Sad story ahead…) I will never forget the day my grandmother called me and told me she had to put my cat to sleep. The neighbor had a collie dog and he had sicced the dog on my cat and she was hurt and suffering. It was the first time I would ever know just how mean some people could be and the first time I knew there was a way to humanely kill an animal to end its suffering. My grandmother wept and so did I. At only seven years old, I lost a little faith in humanity that day.

Midnight is of course the witching hour. I have been thinking about what I want to write for a Halloween post. I like to write a fiction piece and I think I will also write about our Halloween celebration in the Valley. We never went trick-or-treating. I never knew there was such a thing until we moved away years later.

Nothing good ever happens after midnight.
~My Mom

I learned as I grew up, she was mostly right about that. Unless you are talking about Wolfman Jack and The Midnight Special that aired on Friday nights. Or maybe a little CCR.

21 thoughts on “SoCS – Mmmmmmmm”

  1. The story of your cat makes me sad and a little angry. I know the anger is useless, but…

    Always a good time for a little CCR.

    Have a nice weekend, Maggie.

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    1. True. My cell phone is on do not disturb starting at 10:00 pm. But I allow family calls to come through. Definitely means trouble if the calls ring through.

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  2. A sad story, especially for a seven year old. I appreciate that your grandmother was compassionate enough to share your pain with her tears. It’s a dilemma about indoor vs outdoor cats. 26 years ago my indoor/outdoor cat was killed by dogs the night she would not come inside. My new cat, Mama might be just indoors unless I can harness train her which will be a miracle.


  3. Some people are messed up. How awful for that neighbor to do such a thing. Makes me sad.

    Our dog growing up was named Midnight for the same reason. It was the name my sister wanted. My entry had been Fluffy. My brother’s entry was Snowball. He thought he was being clever since Midnight had jet black fur. Funny what one remembers. I can picture us standing there outside on the driveway as his name was drawn from dad’s hat.

    Always a good time for some CCR. “Shine an everlovin light on me” Hope you have a marvelous Saturday Maggie.

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    1. I never had much to do with our neighbor after that. If people mistreat animals, they are not to be trusted.

      I love your ‘Midnight’ story. What a great memory.

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  4. Friday nights were great back then. About half the time, ABC would do “In Concert” which was simulcast on some FM station for better sound quality, then “The Midnight Special,” and in Chicago that was followed by “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert.” It was 2 AM before I even thought about going to bed…

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  5. Your mom was right about “no good…” And the story of your cat just flashed such hot anger for me, on so many levels. M is for misanthrope is for me.

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  6. And then there is “after midnight we’re going let it all hang out.” Once again Maggie you have sent me time traveling.


  7. You know how much we loved our animals. It always hurts so to lose them, I can’t even imagine how much a 7 year old is affected by death. Terrible trauma!
    Ahhhhhh, Wolfman Jack was who we listened to all the time! Good memories of youth! 😉


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