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InkTober Day 11 – Disgusting

Today’s prompt is ‘disgusting’. I saw some images that some of the manga and cartoon artists did for this prompt. It is not my kind of thing to draw gross or disgusting things. So, I thought of things that disgust me as a human being. I am tired of politics, so I thought of the environment.

Seaturtle tangled in net


19 thoughts on “InkTober Day 11 – Disgusting”

    1. It is ridiculous, Elizabeth. Remember how elated everyone was after the first month of lockdown when the skies cleared and animals returned to the cities and smog lifted? We have short memories.

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  1. A topical image indeed, and so sad to think of the poor turtle being drowned by beer can plastic holders. They are beginning to phase those out over here. Cans are now sold loose in recyclable cardboard boxes.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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