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InkTober Day 10 – Hope

I thought I would try something different. It needs work, but the idea is there. The prompt today was Hope.


SoCS – Medium

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This week’s prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “medium.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

What is medium-sized? The best answer is that it is something between a large and a small (which are also subject to someone’s opinion). The last time I remember trying to buy something medium-sized, it was suggested that I could ‘supersize’ to a large for only 45 cents more. How do I know how much more I am getting?

I have never been to see a Medium (is that supposed to be capitalized – I think not) but my Dad always told the story of going to see a fortune teller which I think might be the same thing sort of. Or does a Medium just speak to the beyond? Anyway, it scared my Dad. Whatever she told him spooked him for life. He was adamant about not going to see a fortune teller of any time.

I do not wear medium-sized clothing. Honestly, I don’t think medium-sized people wear medium-sized clothing. I am tall, long-waisted, and broad-shouldered. And now that I have ‘supersized’ myself during this quarantine, I am most likely extra-large. Do you know that the American clothing sizing history is pretty bizarre? It is no wonder women always stress about their weight, their size, their look. It’s a pretty interesting read. Here is an interesting post on Medium if you want to delve into it. It is actually very revealing.

I bought some non-stick ceramic frying pans. I love the look of them and they worked marvelously at first. Now they stick a little. The directions say you should never use them on a temperature higher than medium. They don’t work well anymore. They have started to allow things to stick. Now I’m wondering how well regulated my medium heat is on my stove. Maybe they received too much heat over the last couple of years. They still look pretty, though! I just bought a new set of these two gold looking nonstick skillets at Costco so I will read the directions and see what they recommend.

That’s all for me, folks. I hope you have a great Saturday! We get rain from Delta!