The President Tests Positive for the Virus

The news this morning is that Donald Trump and Melania have both tested positive for the virus. This comes after the news last night that Hope Hicks, aide to the president tested positive and had recently traveled with the president on Air Force One and Marine One.

The conspiracy theorists are already at play saying they do not necessarily believe this, that it is a deflection tactic. So many people think he lies about so much, that there is no way of knowing what the real truth might be. Does this give him 14 days or more to step out of the public view and garner sympathy before the election?

I was trying to examine how I personally feel about it. First I am angry. This is a man who has poked fun at the most serious healthcare crisis in my lifetime. He has encouraged non-compliance with mask mandates a behavior which has put a nation at risk. And now, he has put our government at risk.

Like him or not, he holds the highest office in our country. What are the scenarios if he does, indeed, have the virus? If he is one of the fortunate ones and has nothing but light symptoms, he could use this to reinforce his diatribe that its no big deal. If he gets disabled or dies, Pence would become president. With no other Republican candidate on the ticket and the election only weeks away, what would happen to the election process?

Time for me to dig out my government books and see what our forefathers put in place to protect our government in the event of such a scenario.

The takeaway from this, for me, is not to ever let your guard down. The virus is out there. It waits for a host. If you exhibit risky behavior, you become a viable target.

Mask up and stay safe out there.

24 thoughts on “The President Tests Positive for the Virus”

  1. I confess I am one of those who finds it no longer possible to believe anything that he says or tweets. When you lie as much as he has, anything becomes a falsehood by default.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Yes indeed I have to say ‘ye reap what ye sow’ this guy made fun of and flouted all rules…. I am sorry is stupid is as stupid does. I would hope that there is a strategy in place for just such circumstances. I am praying for you all stay safe 💜

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    1. If something bad were to happen to him (and I hope it does not) it would throw our election process into more turmoil than already exists. I do think he brought this on himself and unfortunately, those in his circle as well.


  3. These are wise words for an on-going roller coaster of emotion. On a side note, I just listened to Micheal Moore’s podcast “Emergency Podcast System-Trump Has Covid 19”. It (for good or not) notes all the things we worry about (those conspiracy theories) but outlines scenarios in the event the president doesn’t legitimately have the virus. This is a hard one to take, due to the fact that it has truly changed the narrative. Which was needed for him. And, so often that is exactly what occurs-what is needed (from his perspective) for him. There are many things we still need to know. All of this said, though I don’t support him, I hope he is or stays well.

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  4. My hope is that in the long run having the virus will give him some empathy and humility. I can’t see how it would help him win the election unless he uses it to try to delay the process.

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    1. He has never, nor will he ever, develop empathy. It’s not in his DNA. I just hope he loses by a huge margin and goes to jail.

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