If You Are Trying to Use WP-Admin to Post, Read This

WordPress strikes again.

In WP-Admin, the ADD NEW button defaults to the Block Editor, but they added a dropdown. Drop the down arrow and select Classic Editor from the ADD NEW button.

Same goes for editing. Hover over the post you wish to edit and select CLASSIC Editor, to edit. Otherwise it will default to the Block Editor.

If you are having trouble liking posts in reader or getting notifications, try clearing your browser’s cache. Make sure you have all your passwords readily available, because by deleting cookies, you will be required to login to all your websites again.

19 thoughts on “If You Are Trying to Use WP-Admin to Post, Read This”

  1. I have done all that, Maggie. It worked for one post, then didn’t. I have already had enough of this rubbish, and I will be around until, my plan expires. After that?
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. This is how I post now. I write in Word, choose block editor from the drop down and paste.

    I find the look and feel different When I just choose New and when I use the drop down. Both bring me to the block editor, but I prefer using the drop down method. I’m not sure if that applies to everyone.

    Thanks for this, Maggie.

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    1. Dan, I just find the screens in the block editor disorganized and irritating. I have not gone the Word route yet. Right now I am still working in the WP-Admin classic editor which for the moment are working for me.

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  3. I went into WP Admin and then clicked on Post. Usually I then click on Add New but that brought up the Block. I clicked on All Post instead, which gave me the choice of Block or Classic. Clicked on Class and got it.

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      1. You think so? I have to admit learning the block creator two years ago was a leap but once I got over that… Maybe I need to create a help video or something to help others like yourself that are struggling?

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        1. Perhaps you should. I think one of the more confusing things is understanding how to differentiate the WP-Admin dashboard from the native block editor. I know how to maneuver through WordPress, but those who wish to continue with the classic editor find things do not work consistently.


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