Just How Persnickety is This Block Editor?

I am forging ahead blindly determined to use the block editor with no research, no help and no videos to guide me. I am determined to see just how persnickety this block editor is. I was inspired to write this because Melanie over at Sparks From a Combustible Mind chose the word persnickety as her Word of the Day today. (I have now wasted several minutes trying to find out how to link to Melanie’s post. I will circle back and research. If you see a link above, you will know I was successful.

So, just for fun, I am putting in some columns. I found the shortcut for links. The problem is I am on an iPad and my keyboard does not have the standard control keys. I selected a two column block and inside this column, I inserted a paragraph block. It is still persnickety.

I had typed a bunch of stuff here but I guess I hit the wrong button and it just disappeared. I am going to resize the text I hope. (It defaulted to HUGE. and the text size does not apply to just the word highlighted.) I am not sure why the photo did not go in the second column above. This is the option to add text beside a photo. (Media and text.)

I guess this is a caption for the above photo.

persnickety: when things behave wonkily (definition by Maggie)

The above is a quote block

I had to add a paragraph to try and space below the widget. It did not help.

Above I was able to insert a widget within my post. Normally widgets are in the sidebars or the footers. Adding blocks is not difficult, but on a touch sensitive device, the keyboard sometimes gets in the way of the list of blocks. The block editor does not seem well designed for mobile devices.

Now I am going to see how persnickety it is to format individual pieces of text. I will change the color of this line. Now I want to change back this line to the default color, but just this line. That did not work. It does not seem to let me isolate a phrase and make it a different color. It treats the entire block that way.

This block and the one above are paragraph blocks. This is the color I attempted to use. Below I will see what happens if I use the CLASSIC block. (I have returned from below to test the color RED.)

I will attempt to change the color of the word pink and only that word. Okay this works only if you use the inline Code option in the floating menu. I am going to pop back to the prior block and see if that is available there.

I am back to the paragraph block. I tried to insert a video, but it quickly told me that was a premium feature to which I did not have access. Back to YouTube I guess.

Thanks, Melanie. I am now going to search for a link which I could not find in my first paragraph. It is above in the floating menu. The symbol is (-)

20 thoughts on “Just How Persnickety is This Block Editor?”

  1. You have much more patience than I do. I type my post in word then copy and paste onto the blog and shove in the pictures. I haven’t tried to insert links yet but I guess I should learn. *Sigh*

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  2. Welcome to paradise, Maggie. OK, a little south of paradise, perhaps on the way or perhaps a dead end street that lets you see paradise off in the distance. I think I’ve figured out most of what I need. It is persnickety. I’ve had several posts get so screwed up that I’ve deleted them and started over.

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    1. I am fairly technical, Dan, and obviously did no research on this. I wanted to see how intuitive it would be. It isn’t. I have designed a lot of websites and can see the purpose behind what they are doing. It is definitely falling short for mobile users and the average blogger. I will try in earnest someday, but it truly is more convoluted than necessary. Your posts always look sharp.

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      1. I worked with a block editor for our company website. I didn’t like it either, and this isn’t as intuitive as that was. I just wanted to get to a comfortable place where I can just worry about my post.

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  3. I have given up attempting to use the block editor. I blog on an iPhone, so I’m using “classic lite” that is still available on the iOS app. It accommodates about 2/3rds of what I need to do on my blog, but I usually have to fine-tune my posts before publishing them by going to wp-admin, which is tricky to use on an iPhone. Oh how I miss the classic editor that used to be available on before the “geniuses” at WordPress decided to can it.

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    1. It is much more complicated than need be. They definitely did not take mobile users into consideration which is puzzling considering the number of mobile users they have.

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  4. I failed to shrink my two photos and put them side by side this morning. I had the option of moving them over to the side and running text along them but didn’t want that. Much to learn, that’s for sure.

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