Throwback Thursday – Going, Going, Gone

Yesterday I read an article about things that are facing obsolescence due to the pandemic. I starting jotting down things that have been and gone out of frequent use in my adult life even though some may actually still exist. I know the list could be much larger, but this was just a few minutes of brainstorming.

It made me curious about things I still have lying around this house or things I know to still exist from this list. There are three or four things on the list I still have lying around.

So I ask you:

  • What could you add to the list?
  • What ‘obsolete’ things do you still own?
  • Why do you keep them?
  • Has anything become obsolete for you because of the pandemic?

I still have floppy disks in a box, a walkman (although it is a CD walkman, and a coin sorter, I think. There may just be a coin purse in a box somewhere.

I wish I had some pant stretchers. I may just go look and see if Vermont Country Store still sells them.




14 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Going, Going, Gone”

      1. We went through so many drip coffeemakers, and finally Mary said “screw this, let’s get a percolator.” Makes great coffee and has very few moving parts to go wrong.


  1. Bench seats takes me back to necking, another obsolete activity as far as I can discern from the present behavior of the young who seem to zoom right past it.

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