SoCS – Hundreds and Hundreds!

Linda gives us a math prompt of sorts for Stream of Consciousness Saturday this week:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “more than a hundred.” Write your post inspired by something you have more than a hundred of in your home right now. Enjoy!

What do I have hundreds of in my house right now? Hmmm. Depends on whether or not I count the garage, too.

In our house we have more than 100 books. We have 8 bookcases, three are 6 1/2’ tall and four are 7’ tall. But wait! We also have books on almost every table in our house. We have books in boxes, too.

Hubby likes to keep every book he ever read, me, not so much. I have my favorites that I hang onto. I do not re-read books very often. Before we retired, hubby said he was keeping all his books so he could reread them in retirement. We have been retired four years now and he still buys books, but mostly on Kindle now. Oh, yeah, we both have books on Kindle although I try to read my books from the library.

We did donate a lot of books before we moved from the house we owned to the rental house in Florida. That was hard for hubby, but honestly, I don’t think either of us have missed them.

I still like to buy books written by people I know. Those I keep.

Now, if I count the garage, we have more than 100 tools. Between my jewelry tools 🧰 and our household tools 🛠 and the garage tools ⚒️ we have a lot. Hubby has tools that belonged to his dad. In Florida, tools would rust in the garage because of the humidity. I have even blogged about my love of tools.

Last week, before I cleaned and vacuumed, I could have written about the more than 100 dust bunnies in our house, but not any more!


28 thoughts on “SoCS – Hundreds and Hundreds!”

  1. I have more than 100 books, and also many more than 100 DVD films. Probably more than 500 DVD films, to be honest! But those are definitely the only items I have more than 100 of. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I’m sure there was a time when I had about 500 books. After my parents passed away, I inherited their books. It was a bit overwhelming. They are hard to get rid of them – they are like friends, especially when you read them slowly over time.

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        1. Those special books are hard to get rid of. I have a few that are very special. I love perusing old book stores – the really good ones. But there is none of that these days.

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  3. At one time I could say books but since the ereaders I gave my books away and now I have 100’s on ereaders. I have over 100 of tools, DVD’s, music cd’s and vinyl albums.

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  4. I did a hard clean out of books about 10 years ago then another one before we moved last year. I’d like to think that got us to under 100 but I can’t swear to it… 😆

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      1. Ours are scattered so it LOOKS like less…but a small case on one side of the family room holds at least 25, another one mirrors it across the room, then we’ve got two small bookcases downstairs. There’s no way I’m under 100 inside the house and the honest truth is I think the hubby still has some stored at his office! 😆

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