SoCS – Brush it Off

Linda gives us a simple prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday this week:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “brush.” Use it as a noun, a verb, or an idiom. Have fun!

My paternal grandfather always told me his sister brushed her hair 100 strokes every night to make it shiny. He encouraged me to also brush my hair 100 strokes, too. I tried, but I was a kid and that took forever it seemed!

“Brush your breath with Dentyne.” 

Is Dentyne gum even sold anymore? Those little tiny pieces of pink gum wrapped in red and white paper with the little ‘sting’ when chewed. I guess that’s what brushed your breath.

I never imagined a time when simple contact with another human being could mean a possible brush with death. Thank you 2020. Living through a pandemic was nothing I ever imagined.

The Fuller Brush man often came to my grandmother’s house. There were three door-to-door sales people that my grandmother bought from: Fuller Brush, Jewell Tea (where she also bought her ‘Autumn Leaf’ dish-ware), and Watkins which sold spices and Liniment for sore muscles. I was always fascinated by their cases that held their wares. Alfred Fuller’s father had good advice which we can still learn from today”

Alfred Fuller’s father would often look at his hands and say “These are your fortune, boy. Be suspicious of anyone who shows you how to make a living without using them.”

Now here’s a stream of consciousness thought. When was the last time you bought a brush and what kind of brush was it? Mine was a toothbrush – electric. I remember lots of brushes as a child. Not near as many these days. My Dad’s shoeshine kit had several different types and sizes of brushes. Do people polish shoes any more? We had scrub brushes, and bottle brushes, horse brushes, cat and dog brushes, scalp brushes for a baby’s cradle cap, fingernail brushes, scrub brushes, hair brushes, and toilet brushes. I guess all those brushes are still around but not used as frequently these days. Oh, I almost forgot the tiny brushes that came with an electric razor to clean out the whiskers. And I had soft lens brushes to clean my camera lens. Just the other day I used a tiny brush designed specifically to clean out my hummingbird feeder.

It’s time to brush off these thoughts and get moving. I am delivering goodies to my grandchildren today. Socially distanced, no hugging, but at least I will be able to see their faces.





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  1. Nice job with the prompt. The last brush that I bought was a 3-pack of small “wire” brushes for cleaning things. One with steel bristles, one brass and one nylon.

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  2. My last purchase was also a toothbrush. Never can have too many, or at least that’s my creed, Maggie. Have fun with the grandchildren, even though there is no hugging. At least you can see them and talk to them, have a few giggles too. 🙂

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  3. Like everything else, Dentyne has been “updated.” The original flavor is now called Dentyne Fire, and they’ve added peppermint (Dentyne Ice) and a few others, but the kind that used to come in the little flat packs is no longer around. Big Red by Wrigley’s is pretty much the same, though it comes the standard 5 sticks in a pack that Juicy Fruit, Doublemint, and Spearmint come in. I went through a period about 30 years ago where I always had one or two of those 15-stick packs with me. I chewed a lot of gum back then, and I wasn’t even trying to quit smoking…

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    1. Dentyne was pretty popular. Mom always had Wrigley’s Spearmint and occasionally Juicy Fruit. I was a big Teaberry fan myself.


      1. Now, that’s one I wish they brought back. That and Cinnamint. They go through stretches where they’ll bring some of the old flavors back, like Black Jack, Clove, and Beeman’s (that was Mom’s favorite). A lot of them are available on some of the nostalgia candy sites. Unfortunately Teaberry isn’t one of them…

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        1. It was a great gum. I don’t chew it much now – more for therapeutic reasons to keep my ears from popping while driving through the mountains.


  4. I inherited a lot of brushes from my father. He had a wooden shoe shine box with brushes, shoe polish, and a piece of wood on the top of box sticking up to put a shoe on. I remember him using brushes and rags while shining his shoes and boots, especially when he was in the marine corps. Thanks for that memory.

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    1. A high gloss shoeshine is an art. After being in the Air Force, I believe I could still bring up a pretty high shine, myself. I am glad it brought up a good memory for you.

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  5. Awww, two parts of this post reminded me of my daddy and I needed that today. Thanks Maggie!!

    First was Dentyne. It was his favorite. We could go into my parent’s top drawer and be sure to find some there at anytime. I remember it being cinnamon-y and kinda strong. I always wanted Juicy Fruit. But mom would only get Dentyne for my dad and Doublemint for the rest of us.

    Second was the mention of Wakins. In a small world kind of way, B’s great grandfather sold Watkins products to my grandma. My dad remembers him coming up to their farm in a horse and buggy, conducting his spiel for them and the neighbors. Means dad knew the family years before I met B. No one could have predicted one day that we’d meet, fall in love, then marry.

    Wishing you a wonderful Saturday

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    1. Aww, this made my day, Jill. Good memories certainly remind us of good times and people and places we loved.

      What a great story about B’s great-grandfather. Sometimes the wheels are set in motion long before we can imagine.

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  6. A wide array of brushes indeed. I’ve got three or four long wire twists with those spiral brushes on the end designed to clean my baster, reusable straws, and something else I can’t remember at the moment. And there’s an socs because I’ve no idea why I wrote that!

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  7. I still polish black leather shoes occasionally, but now I use an ‘impregnanted sponge’, not brushes and waxy polish. The last brush I bought was also a new electric toothbrush.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I guess with most people wearing tennis shoes and runners these days, there is not much need for polish. We still have a shoe polish kit with brushes.

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    1. The visit was fast and furious. No contact, six feet apart and masked. It was good to see them, though not the same as hugging them. They appreciated the goodies.


  8. My husband still goes through the same elaborate ritual my dad always used to polish his shoes. Of course since he is working from home he hasn’t had a reason to wear his leather shoes, so the kit is stored away. And as for Teaberry gum, just reading that in your comment reminded me how much I loved it.

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