Taking Some ME Time – What Day is it Anyway?


I have been very lax these last few days in keeping up with blogs or even writing much. It seems like there has been a lot going on, yet nothing at the same time. So, let’s get to it.

  • Last Sunday I hit a wall. The first time I’ve felt really down since this whole pandemic started. Not bad considering, but I did not like the cloud I was living in.
  • There is a lot that may be contributing to my blue feelings. I think it helps to acknowledge what brings on these feelings so we can move them along.
  • A young woman I worked with was just diagnosed with breast cancer. That makes two young women in a week receiving this diagnosis. After having lost my mother-in-law to breast cancer, I am prayerful they found it early and can get into remission.
  • Two of my grandchildren were exposed to someone who had Covid but did not know. They were very frightened to have the test, but thankfully they tested negative. Too much worry for this old grandmother’s heart.
  • Our internet was out 4 times in the last week due to downed trees. This can probably be attributed to our crazy weather. We had thunderstorms roll through almost every evening. It is so frustrating especially when this is the primary way we stay in touch.
  • We had our first social interaction since March this week. We went to our friends’ house and sat on their deck – social distanced with separate snacks and drinks. It was nice to feel somewhat normal again.
  • It started raining early this morning. We have had 4.1 inches of rain since midnight last night and it is not quite noon. This crazy weather has impacted our gardens. Many of our tomatoes are splitting before they ripen. Our pickling cucumbers have just about exhausted themselves.
  • We went to a new local Farmers’ Market yesterday. We bought Cherokee Purple tomatoes, some bi-color corn on the cob, some snap beans, a few pickling cucumbers, and some Cubanelle peppers.
  • My mood is much improved, but I still needed a few days. I have not written my writing challenge pieces yet, but I will get there! It’s not too late to join in. Just follow the link.

Stay well and stay safe everyone.


19 thoughts on “Taking Some ME Time – What Day is it Anyway?”

  1. That as a lot to deal with indeed. I notice how things pile up. Our hot water/heating boiler broke, and we have to wait 10 days for parts to get it fixed. Fortunately, there is an electric back-up, but it is a pain to remember to switch it on and off. My wife had to work two long days (8-7) due to staff absences. She was so tired she went to bed both nights before 9 pm.
    Now we have strange gale-force winds, and just as the weather was improving too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Good news the grandchildren are Covid negative and I’m glad you enjoyed your social outing. I understand how things suddenly seem to become too much. I was thinking today about how I used to walk down our high street, meeting friends, often greeting with a hug, popping into a coffee shop to sit and chat. I feel like something has been spoiled. I hope your mood continues to improve and next week is better.

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  3. Thank goodness the grandchildren tested negative that’s a big bonus. The little things that hit us every day and we try not to notice are what makes the bigger things so overwhelming. Hold on to the fact that we are all getting there 💜💜💜

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    1. It was a relief, Willow, to know they were safe. I hope we are getting there, but this morning I see a resurgence in Spain.


    1. It is subtle now. I almost feel normal sometimes. I have even gotten out to the car with no mask before I remembered I needed to go back and get a mask.


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