5 Months In – What Day is it Anyway?


It is so hard to believe we are 5 months into this pandemic — at least from when I stopped living a normal life and started to live my life shrouded in the fear of a virus that has killed so many people. In this five months I have seen my country torn apart from the inside out. It is disturbing to say the least. And when we think it cannot get any worse — BAM — Another lead shoe drops.

  • Our governor extended our “Safer at Home” order until 9/11. So, technically, we are still in Phase 2 of reopening meaning our bars and gyms are still not open. In addition, face coverings are mandatory and restaurants can no longer sell alcohol after 11:00 pm.
  • The early signs of fall are peeking into view. The last of our Rose of Sharon blooms are dying out. The dogwood leaves are turning that familiar pink color heralding an early warning of what lies ahead.
  • The bluebirds disappeared from the feeders for a while, but they are back in full force now. I am suspicious these are the juvenile birds born this season. We have seen lots of juveniles of all different breeds. Since most of the blooms have disappeared, the hummingbirds are now fighting for their place at the feeder, too.
  • Speaking of hummingbirds, yesterday I saw what I thought was the smallest hummingbird I have ever seen. Well, turns out it was a hummingbird moth. That’s a new one for me folks.
  • The garden is doing ok, but I fear the tomatoes have been hit by something. I found a hornworm on one plant and an army worm on another. No major infestation though.
  • Our pickling cucumbers are struggling a bit. Not sure if it is uneven watering (we have had a lot of rain of late) or excessive heat. The slicing cucumbers are doing well, but I prefer the taste of the pickling cucumbers
  • I made a batch of spicy refrigerator dill pickles and a batch of bread and butter refrigerator pickles. They are SO good!
  • I am waiting on the chair I ordered for my workspace. It is being shipped from California and has now been delayed by weather.
  • Our internet is down so I popped on my phone to try and finish this. Looks like it will be mid afternoon before it is repaired.

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19 thoughts on “5 Months In – What Day is it Anyway?”

  1. When I saw those hummingbird moths when on holiday in Bulgaria, I also thought they were tiny birds. We don’t have either in Britain, so I felt a bit silly when I discovered they were insects. 🙂
    Is it only 5 months? It feels like 5 years.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Yes, we would see them come to feeders and also go to flowers on our chitalpa trees. I always thought their shorter beaks were strange compared to the hummingbirds and it made me wonder if they were baby hummingbirds! Lol.

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          1. I had never either! I only noticed them in the last few years out of 20! Haven’t seen any yet this year….now I know why…..they’re visiting you! Lol.


  2. I thought the mask restrictions would be up by now, signs posted in restaurants said until Aug 3, yet everyone is still wearing them. Fear is still in control, unfortunately. I should count my blessings that I and my family are all well, instead of griping about wearing the masks, but its sooooo hot here, and they have proven to be useless by medical professionals, so why we still have to wear them is a mystery to me. Anyway, on to more productive things, eh? I have yet to see a hummingbird here, it’s usually late summer before we do. Have a great Wednesday!

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    1. I am not sure what medical professionals have claimed them useless. I have seen just the opposite. We wear them because it seems an easy and sensible way to prevent the spread of a deadly disease. That simple.


  3. This way of life seems like it’s forever. I don’t feel like I am coping well. We don’t get hummingbirds or hummingbird moths in English or the rest of the UK but I have seen the whilst on holiday abroad. You photos are lovely. 💜💜

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