Opposite Writing Challenge

If you have not seen my earlier post about this writing challenge, check it out and feel free to join in. I will post links to all participants’ blogs next week.

Here’s my take.


The Accident

Tears ran down Peter’s cheek as he listened to the doctor. Carrie was in rough shape. It had been a really bad fall. She had two broken ribs, a hairline fracture in her clavicle, a broken wrist, and a number of severe cuts and bruises. He managed to insert pins to reconnect the fragile bones in her wrist and hoped she would not suffer any loss in range of motion.

The doctor suggested Peter go home for a bit and give her a chance to rest. Peter shook his hand and thanked him profusely. He was so worried. She looked so broken lying sprawled out at the bottom of the steps; She was unconscious and he was afraid to move her. He was relieved when the paramedics got her into the ambulance.

Once home, Peter pulled off his jacket and tossed it across the back of the couch. The blood stained carpet and pieces of splintered banister made him nauseous. He walked upstairs to see what would be required to repair the broken railing.

As he knelt down he caught his reflection in the hall mirror. He barely recognized the face looking back at him.

”I’m so sorry, Carrie. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I will change, I promise.”

The Date

It had taken a while but Margo finally shed the extra 20 pounds she put on during her pregnancy. She had a difficult delivery which led to an emergency C-section, but Lexie was a happy and healthy child so she was thankful. She insisted on breast-feeding but had not realized what a toll the constant on-demand feedings would take out of her.

When it came time to return to work, she found herself paralyzed. The doctor diagnosed her with post-natal depression. Her six week maternity leave turned into two years, but she was finally back to her old self. Six months back on the job and she was again filled with joy.

Margo was so excited she could not stand it. She had been looking forward to Friday night all week. It had been so long since she enjoyed dinner at a fancy restaurant with hors d’oeuvres and adult beverages! She found time on her lunch break to run by the cleaners and pick up her favorite little black dress.

Rex was a kind and understanding partner. He had the ability to anticipate her needs before she ever spoke them out loud. He was going to die when he saw her in that little black dress. It was going to be a great evening and she even anticipated a little romance at bedtime. Margo was slipping into her heels just as she heard Rex open the kitchen door. She gave herself an approving glance in the mirror, grabbed her purse and walked out of the bedroom.

”Wow! You look fantastic!” Rex smiled and gave her that same wink he used when they first met six years ago. Margo walked toward him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “And you smell great, too.” He smiled. “Are you sure you want to go out?”

Margo chuckled, took her keys off the hook and opened the door leading into the garage. “Of course I’m sure. The girls are waiting”. As she waved, Rex smiled and closed the door behind her.

He turned when he heard the giggle in the hallway.

”Daddy, you ready for our date?”

Rex fought back the tears. He had been looking forward to tonight all week.


11 thoughts on “Opposite Writing Challenge”

  1. That’s very interesting, as I almost went with a domestic violence theme too. Now I am glad I changed it to a robbery, or it would have looked like we were colluding! Nice work, Maggie.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Excellent both stories absolutely brilliant. The first one very chilling I hope she gets away before he kills her.
    The second one I saw as even darker but that could just be my perception and off kilter mind at the moment .well done you 💜


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