Waking up to a Quake

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Sunday is our day to sleep in. This morning as I was sleeping soundly, I was awakened by the house shaking. It took a few seconds for it to register it was an earthquake. The USGS reported a 5.1 quake near Sparta, NC, near the Virginia border. Our family in parts of South Carolina felt it, too.

When I lived in Alaska, earthquakes were not unusual. I would wake the kids and have them stand under the door frame. This one did not last long enough to even get that far.

The hits of 2020 just keep on playing!

I have been meaning to mention some WordPress oddities I have noticed. For self-hosted sites, I can often not like posts. I must return to the Reader for a like to be registered. Also, when commenting, if I hit the “W” to connect to WordPress so it picks up my WordPress credentials, it often just spins, never making the connection. Then it is back to the Reader to post comments.

Now I am going to have some pancakes then settle in to finally watch “Hamilton”.

I will complete my country store series tomorrow. Have a good Sunday everyone!

26 thoughts on “Waking up to a Quake”

  1. We do have earthquakes in Britain, but they are small-scale, and I have never experienced one. I can only imagine what a strange feeling it must be. Glad to hear you are safe.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. It’s funny how your body conditions itself to what is normal or expected. It had been a long time since I had experienced one and it took a few minutes to register.

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  2. I’m glad it was small and you are ok!
    I have those same problems with WordPress and get so tired of having to sign in to like or comment unless I’m in the reader. Then this morning, I couldn’t add pictures or tags to my post. Grrr. It’s always something!

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  3. We’ve had a couple small earthquakes here. Having never lived in an area prone to earthquakes, the first one was very unnerving. I’m glad it wasn’t significant. I’ve been enjoying the country store series very much.

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    1. Thank you, Dan. I like ‘going back’ for a moment. Yes, the earthquakes are a strange sensation. Luckily this one was fairly small although it did make the headlines on CNN.

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  4. Glad everything’s OK and it was nothing more than a shake.

    One reason you might be having difficulty leaving “likes” on a self-hosted site is that information about who liked your post isn’t on your database, but on a database that WordPress maintains. The “roll call” I put at the end of my Week That Was post is generated from a local database that I update each week from an export of my site. I was going to add the people who “like” my posts to the list, but couldn’t find where the information was kept, so I asked the WP folks, and they told me so. Anyway, leaving a “like” on a self-hosted site requires a call to WordPress, which is what might be slowing things down. Liking the post from the Reader works because the reader database is maintained by WP.

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    1. Thanks, Wilma. We are fine and even those close to the epicenter had very little damage. A few cracks in the road, broken dishes snd the like. We were fortunate.


  5. So glad everyone is ok. As for the ” frogs” we have ugly big poison toads that cover the streets here and there during mating season, which was a couple of weeks ago….does that count?! Lol….

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  6. I was watching the weather channel when they actually broke with news of the quake. I’m glad y’all are okay. They are reasons I couldn’t ever live in California. I’ll take my chances with hurricanes. 😊


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