What Are You Reading?


I have been reading BeetleyPete’s Blogger’s Books feature. He is kindly featuring the books written by fellow bloggers. What a kind gesture and a great source for new books us to consider. He is posting features daily.

Having just finished the book We Were Liars, I am looking for the next book I want to read. I have one book on hold at the library – The Nightingale – but the wait is several weeks out.

I often ask my friends on Facebook what they are reading every month or so. So many books never make the best seller lists. In the current environment, it is easy to overlook a great book. I also check out what my friends are reading on their Goodreads page.

Going to the bookstores and looking through books was one of our pre-Covid favorite pastimes. It was not unusual for us to hit the book stores several times a month. I have an affinity for old books, too, so finding a good used book store was always a pleasure. We are fortunate to have an exquisite bookstore in our town. The owner is so knowledgeable and generous with his expertise about books it is a pleasure to go there.

So, without further ado, I shall ask the question.

What are you reading right now. Please share!


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  1. I am halfway through a great book written by an American blogger, Cindy Bruchman. It is the second in an historical series featuring some of the same characters. The lockdown stalled me on reading. With so much to worry about, I found it easier to write than to read. Trying to sit reading quietly, I found my mind wandering to ‘what ifs?’ about the pandemic.

    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I am reading The Book Thief! So good! Set in the time of Hitler, it’s about a young girl raised by foster parents who falls in love with books so much she finds stealing them gives her a thrill during a very difficult time in history.

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  3. Following Atticus bulger Tom Ryan…..beautiful book about a newspaper publisher in Newburyport, MA ( a lovely little favorite town) and his VERY special friend, Atticus. Also, hope you’re still trying for The Yellow Bird Sings.

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    1. My library does not have “The Yellow Bird Sings” so I am going to try the next town over. I think I saw someone else mention “Following Atticus”. I think I know why you like it so much.


      1. You’re psychic!!! Lol…’s a very fun story so far and I haven’t gotten to any adventures yet.

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  4. An unusual one for me . The Pearl Locket by Kathleen McGurl. It’s set in two time zones, WW2 and the present. A story about a family secret. I can definitely recommend it 💜

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