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These days I find myself wishing I could take a sabbatical away from anything corona related. I miss the nuance of living normally, as I had for 65 years. Exchanging smiles with strangers, bumping into friends at the supermarket, and just spending time with family. It has been over 4 months since I returned from our girls’ trip in the mountains and I find myself longing for the days we spent sitting on the big back porch staring off into the mountains.

It will soon be a year since I returned from the women’s retreat in New Hampshire. Another glorious getaway swimming in the color of a New England fall. I remember the day I arrived, it was rainy with dire warnings of severe inclement weather which, thankfully, did not come to pass.

I long for conversations which do not include numbers, fatalities, testing, masking, protests, and discussion of anything related to the virus. It is impacting everyone, including our children. Last night, my seven year old grandson FaceTimed me. He asked “Grandma, do you think this corona virus will ever end?” It broke my heart.

I wonder how long it will be before we can safely travel and gather without the fear of creating a devastating impact to our families and friends. Yet, I dream of those days. I long for those days.

I cannot imagine being a parent and worrying about the options in front of me for schooling in the upcoming year. I worry for not only my grandchildren, but all the teachers and staff that will be impacted along with the children and parents wrestling with this decision. Our governor seems to be very amenable to individual school districts implementing what works best for them. You know what concerns me a lot? This may be the first time many of these children will ultimately know someone who loses their life because of this virus. So far, most have been protected from this reality.

I have been in a slump. I have tried writing a short story, but my mind is just not working in that way. I spend my time working on odd things around the house, or working in the garden or reading. Maybe by releasing all of my mind clutter today in this post perhaps it will clear my mind.

I am tired of it. I echo my grandson in wondering if this will ever be over.


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  1. I feel it is something we will just learn to live with, another ’cause of death’ that becomes part of everyday life. In a ‘normal’ year in Britain, many thousands die from the ‘old’ Inflenza virus, which is also incurable. (Despite the Flu Jab stopping the worst for some) We seem to have forgotten that, during the current pandemic. Even with a vaccination, there will still be those who don’t survive.
    The day may come when people look back on this as the year of the ‘Great Pandemic’, and reminisce about hand-washing, mask-wearing, and weeks of self-isolation. At my age, I still haven’t ruled out the possibility of getting it and dying from it. It feels very real to me.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Pete, I am hopeful that we find it within ourselves to be better citizens and follow the protocols that will at least keep the virus somewhat at bay. I think most in our age range have considered the possibility of contracting the virus and what the resulting end might be.

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  2. Maggie, I’m hesitant to say to use the UK as an example, because I think we’ve had our fair share of mismanagement too, but there are very few new cases near to me. It is different to before, just because there is this wariness that was never there before, but people are starting to move about some more. I spoke to a woman yesterday who has booked a vacation in a month. You will get there.

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      1. In Scotland we have had no deaths now for eight days. A few new cases have been found in clusters – 22 yesterday. We’ve been wearing masks in shops and on public transport for a while – though there are always some who refuse because … We are worried about people coming up from England on holiday now holiday cottages are allowed to be let out again. I watch the news of what’s happening in America with horror. I so hope you get a leadership change in November, even though it’s too late for thousands.


  3. Your words speak true for a lot of us, Maggie. The endless counting and curves on top of the new Trump junk each day. I try to finish a blog post I started two weeks ago and I just can’t get with it.
    Stay safe and we will all see and hug our loved one again.


  4. I feel all your emotions. I SO long for the kids and grandkids. And, yes, the cabin and that peaceful time would be so lovely right now.

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      1. It sure does. Time moves so fast, however for this issue I’d love it to go faster so we can be on the other side of it!

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