A Shoutout to Fellow Blogger Darren Lidstrom

I have been following Darren’s blog for quite a while now. I always enjoy it when his blog pops up and he shares the complexity of life and healing after a tremendous loss. I particularly enjoy his backyard jam sessions on the guitar at his little red schoolhouse.

Like so many people during this pandemic, job loss has been a tough reality. Darren’s employer (King Arthur Flour) and his temporary employer (Upper Valley Haven) worked together to help see him through.

It was nice to see him featured and recognized in this article: Connecting with Darren: Finding Good in a Pandemic

Check out Darren’s blog, too, if you do not already follow him. Thirty Days of Mo(u)rning


14 thoughts on “A Shoutout to Fellow Blogger Darren Lidstrom”

  1. Hi Maggie! when you mentioned “upper Valley Haven” in your article I thought, “Oh, I wonder…?” and I clicked on the link and sure enough, Darren’s neighborhood is my own!! Thanks for posting and providing a link!

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    1. It was nice, wasn’t it? I was pleased to see him recognized in such a kind way. He was fortunate to connect with such a great organization.

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