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Toss your troubles to the wind, folks. Linda is back with  Stream of Consciousness Saturday:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “song.” First, find a picture–the closest one to you. Your prompt is the title and/or the lyrics of the first song that comes to mind when you look at the picture. Have fun!

“Keep Holding On” was the theme song from the movie “Eragon”. When I looked at the mantelpiece this morning and saw our oldest grandson’s senior photo in a suit and tie, it brought me back to the early years when he came to spend a week with us in the summer. He was only 4 years old on his first trip.

To say we were overjoyed when he visited would be an understatement. It was a week of non-stop joy. We were in and out of the pool all day, taking a break to eat lunch in soggy swimsuits. Eventually, as he got older, he started to bring his favorite movies with him so we could watch them together. He always brought his box set of Andy Griffith DVDs but he was never interested in watching any of the seasons filmed in color.

One summer, he brought the movie “Eragon” with him. It is a movie about a boy who finds a “stone” that ultimately hatches into a dragon. I remember him singing along with the song “Keep Holding On”. He was embarrassed when he realized I saw him singing.

Later that night after he was fast asleep, I made him a CD of all his favorite songs. Some from movies, some from Andy Griffith, some songs we played on the jukebox at Johnny Rocket’s, and this song by Avril Levigne. I had printable CDs and I printed the track list and a photo of the LEGO dragon we had seen and Disney Village. I gave him the CD the next morning and told him he should always sing anytime he wanted to.

It is hard to believe he is now 18, ending his high school career in the midst of a Pandemic. He has been accepted to Clemson in the fall which will be upon us soon. He really wants to go to college so bad I hope it is safe for him to do so. I want so much for him and strangely, the words “Keep Holding On” have taken on a whole new meaning.

16 thoughts on “SoCS – Photographic Memories”

    1. It does fly by, Pete. Even during this time when we are all staying home, it does not seem possible it is almost the middle of July. I hope things turn around for him and all the other kids in his situation.

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  1. OMG not being well has thrown all my emotions out of kilter. This is s beautiful post with a lovely story and I love the film and Avril Lavigne…so why am I crying… Have a good weekend 💜💜

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  2. What a nice thing for you to do, Maggie. I like that story. I hope your grandson can have a freshman experience at Clemson, and I hope we get beyond this pandemic so he can enter the adult world that he’s been dreaming of.

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    1. Thank you, Dan. So far they are moving ahead as if classes are going to take place. He has been assigned a roommate and u doers ta day he must be tested for the virus before he will be allowed to start any school functions.

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  3. Your creativity is always a joy. This was such a sweet touching story. I hope and pray he can start Clemson this year. This virus is delaying so many Hope’s and dreams from beginning.

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