Friday Reflections — WDIIA

This has been an odd week. I had a couple of days I did not feel well with a scratchy throat. In these times, it is hard not to imagine the worst when any little thing happens. But a few home remedy gargles and some much needed rest and I am recovered.

I spent some time thinking and talking with family and friends about my sister. Grief anniversaries can be tough. I tried to focus on my daughter’s birthday while keeping good memories of my sister running on a loop. I made a fun little iMovie for my daughter’s birthday trying to make it special for her since we could not be together. She put up a fund raiser for Kidney Cancer research in honor of her aunt (my sister) which was so touching and so like her to think outside herself.

As a result I haven’t spent much time blogging or reading blogs this week. I have managed to keep up with my 39 day film challenge, however. It is a fun post to consider and does not require an immense amount of thought.

Our numbers are continuing to go up. I am hopeful the mask mandate will show a reduced amount of cases, but it will require a two to three week cycle before we know.  Stores are having a difficult time getting customers to comply, even when they provide free masks. Neither the police nor the District Attorney will cite anyone, so there are no repercussions if people refuse to wear them. Other than that small thing like possibly infecting someone who could die as a result. 🙄

The garden is doing well. We continue to have loads of cucumbers and tomatoes. Last night we had fresh kale from the garden mixed in with some kale we purchased at the store. What a difference. Ours was purple kale and was so tender in comparison to the other. That will definitely go on my planting list for fall.

I continue to connect with people over the phone or through Zoom or FaceTime. It is becoming oddly normal now and seeing people is oddly unsettling.

Hubby went out Wednesday to glaze some bowls he made under the tutelage of our amazing potter friend. They were socially distanced and masked. Tonight he will go and help fire the wood kiln which consists of feeding wood into the fire to keep the kiln at a constant temperature. That is a lone activity. His shift will be 10:00 pm — 2:00 am.

The cabinets are still coming along. Hubby needed to buy a new router bit this week to round the edges of the desk surface. It won’t be long now.

My jigsaw puzzle was frustrating me. I thought I had missing edge pieces. I sat down for breakfast and looking at a different angle I saw there were sections that needed to be moved around Voila! All the edges are now complete.

Life is all about having the right perspective.


7 thoughts on “Friday Reflections — WDIIA”

  1. Glad to hear you worked out the jigsaw. They are anathema to me, as they require patience, somthing I do not possess. Also happy that your throat pain was nothing worse. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thanks, Pete. I am not always good at finishing a puzzle by myself – I like a puzzle partner. But my husband, like you, is not a puzzle fan.

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  2. My brother always stole a piece of any joint jigsaw puzzles we were assembling. Then of course when it was down to one space he would produce it with a smug flourish. Thanks for reminding me of those rainy summer afternoons.


  3. Hi Maggie glad to hear more positives in this blog, I am sorry for your loss, I miss my sister Mary too. You are so right about perspective… I have to keep thinking positively right now. This drain makes me feel like a prisoner.. but it’s saving my life 🤣🤣🤣🤣


  4. So sorry you were feeling those symptoms. I’ve had those moments too, allergy related but at the time it’s scary. We never know. Glad it went away.
    Looking forward to pics of craft space and puzzle finished!! 😍


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