HEADS UP – WordPress Spam Alert

I cleaned out my spam comments two days ago. Today I had spam comments on every blog post I have published. It is from this URL **. The spam filter caught them, but even using the bulk to delete, it is a pain. You might save yourself some trouble by blocking the URL in your discussion settings.

11 thoughts on “HEADS UP – WordPress Spam Alert”

  1. Just cleared out over 800 from my spam filter. This has been going on for a while now. I’d block the URLs but there’s so many different ones that I’d be blocking all day 😦
    You know that the old Admin dashboard still has an “empty spam” button that clears them all out in one click? For some reason the new dashboard only seems to allow deletion 1 page (20 comments) at a time….

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    1. Thanks for that, Norm. I will check for it. I still must peruse the comments because sometimes, valid comments find their way into the spam folder, but a fast delete would be great. I only had about half that amount and it was a pain.

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