SoCS – Tossing and Turning

Toss your troubles to the wind, folks. Linda is back with  Stream of Consciousness Saturday:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “toss.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

The last few nights I have been tossing and turning in the early morning hours. I always fall asleep fast, but when the clock rolls around to be about 3:00 AM, I seem to wake up. I don’t like to get out of bed because it is harder to go to sleep again. The conversation in my head goes like this:

”I wonder what time it is?”

”Why am I awake?”

”You might as well go to the bathroom.”

”Nope. Don’t need to.”

”But you’re awake. Might as well go.”

”Nope, I’m fine.”

”You know you will probably need to go as soon as you fall back to sleep.”

”I’ll just flip my pillow over to the cool side and go back to sleep.”

Five minutes pass…

”Fine! I’ll go!” At which time I toss the covers aside and get up.

Sometimes sleep escapes me. Then it’s a toss-up about what to do. Get up? Then I’ll be exhausted by 8:00 AM. Play a game of Word Collect on my iPad? No, then my brain will engage.

“I’ll go down and get some water.”

Spies jigsaw puzzle and computer resting on the table.

Maybe I will just take a peek and see if there are any new hints on Ancestry…


26 thoughts on “SoCS – Tossing and Turning”

  1. Same here about falling asleep easy. To stay asleep through the night again would be divine! I refuse to check the clock which is an anti-insomnia tip I read about. Something that small engages my brain and I do the math of how much time before the alarm sounds. Instead I practice deep breathing until I fall back asleep. It’s a toss up and on 3 or 4 nights a week, I actually do fall back asleep.

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  2. Good sleep is a thing of the past for now. I’ve improved things with a diffuser and a white noise machine but still, I miss rock solid sleep.

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  3. I thought I was the only one having those endless internal discussions about do I or do I not need to use the bathroom. Glad to know someone else is up in my time zone with the same question!

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