30 Day Film Challenge/Day 4

We have arrived at day 4 of the 30 day film challenge.

Today’s challenge is to write about a film that starts with “The”. Talk about a wide playing field — there must be hundreds that fall into this category, but I am choosing one of my all-time favorites from my childhood — “The Time Machine”.

This movie stirred everything in me that has to do with imagination and making the unbelievable believable. Add that to the fact that I always had a fascination with time travel and loved the everything time related: the television series “The Time Tunnel”, the movie “Somewhere in Time”  and then add to that the title of my senior term paper “The Non-existence of Time” and you have a match!

I LOVE this movie. It would also fit in the category of films I have watched over and over.  The actual title of the movie is “H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine” and is of coursed based on the 1895 novella written by H.G. Wells. The film was made in 1960, produced and directed by James Pall, a Hungarian-American animator.

The film stays fairly true to Wells’ work, but there are departures. I should revisit the novella since it is available free on — a great source for free reading material. It is hard to pick out my favorite scenes from the movie — but I narrowed it down to two. The talking rings and the mannequin in the dress shop. I opted for the talking rings.

This movie was one our family watched repeatedly throughout the years. I was intrigued by the idea of time travel, scared of Morlocks, disappointed in the Eloi, and wanted to have a daughter named Weena. We had so many conversations over the years discussing our ideas about what he took back with him to the future.

I decided to take on this challenge for July after reading about it from SandmanJazz. Check out his blog and his entry for the fourth day of the challenge. Maybe even join in!


7 thoughts on “30 Day Film Challenge/Day 4”

  1. Although I enjoyed the book when I was young, I felt Taylor was miscast, and that spoiled the film for me.
    My first choice for a ‘The’ film is easy. ‘The Godfather’ (1972), closely followed by ‘The Thing’ (1982). 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I liked him in this role. Of course, I was young when it was first shown so I would not have known or cared much about casting. I liked that he was a young and enthusiastic scientist in comparison to his counterparts. The Godfather is definitely a big one for most men. Seeing it once maybe twice was enough for me, but I do get the appeal.

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  2. I love this version, it doesn’t deviate too far from the source material and the embellishments fit in very well

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