Craggy Gardens, Part Deux

We took another drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday intending to take the short Craggy Gardens Trail. We did not go prepared for any possible weather condition, however. Even though it was nice and sunny here at home in the Foothills, there were quite a few thunder clouds forming as we got closer to Asheville.

We either missed the peak of the rhododendron blooms or it has not quite happened yet. We made the decision to dodge the storms and plan to go back early next week fully prepared.

The drive up and the scenery around Craggy Gardens was still gorgeous. We got a few lovely photos and enjoyed a tomato sandwich picnic on the tailgate of the truck.

On the way home we stopped at the Farmers Market and picked up some South Carolina peaches and some Grainger County, TN tomatoes. Fresh vegetables are always a welcome  treat while we wait for our garden to produce for us. We have had cherry tomatoes, but that’s been it so far.

Back at home I went out to water some plants and encountered a rather large either black snake or rat snake hanging around the faucet. By the time I got hubby to urge him elsewhere, he was long gone. We will need to watch for him around the bird feeders now. They are very adept at tree climbing.

The day ended on a high note. The lightening bugs were putting on a nice display in the back yard. All and all, a rather special day.

35 thoughts on “Craggy Gardens, Part Deux”

    1. It was a delightful day, Pete. These are fairly common and harmless snakes to us. They do a great job of eating up mice and rats so they are good t9 have around. They can get quite long. This one was definitely an adult.

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    1. It is quite a stunning drive, Dan. The overlooks are breathtaking. I hope your garden continues to thrive. We have a few pests, but we are trying to be organic. I spray them with a soap or red pepper solution.

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  1. That first photo is stunning, Maggie. Glorious. Sounds like a good day all round – apart from the snake. I smiled at the tomato sandwiches because coming back from a walk this evening I suddenly had a hankering for the tomato sandwiches we had on picnics when I was a child. Mum made them on sliced white bread, plenty of butter, lots of tomato slices, salt and pepper – then they’d be parcelled up in the loaf wrapper. After several hours in the car and hot sun by the time we ate them they were delightfully squishy. Sounds horrible but they were delicious.

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    1. Mary, there is nothing like the comfort foods from our childhood. I have a few that make my friends squirm. The Parkway is a great getaway for us when there are few other places we feel safe to go.

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  2. I’m glad you had a nice drive and lightening bugs! I never see lightening bugs down here in the city anymore which makes me sad, but hope to see them when we go to Linville. The rhododendrons were just starting to bud there last weekend.

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  3. We got our first share of our CSA Thursday and remembered how wonderful just picked produce is. We have to avoid farmer’s markets, so I am glad I bought a share of a neighbor’s farm last April.

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  4. Your photos are always stunning! Loved the one with the bees too! So far, we’ve only seen a couple of “good snakes” but I’ve heard from neighbors who’ve had rattlers! No thanks!!! Lol. Glad yours was a good one.
    We just discovered an adorable young couple in town growing and selling farm produce. We are now customers, however tomatoes are still weeks away! My stomach can’t do them yet either. Sure hoping to have THAT corrected too! Hugs. More pics next week??!!

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      1. It does! But right now they dont have too much variety. Just onions, garlic, lettuce, beets and broccoli leaves. Much more coming within a few weeks. VERY hot here.


          1. No, we’re not huge salad people. I like some restaurant specialty salads with interesting things on them, but it’s not worth me creating them ar home. Joe wouldnt eat anything unusual!!

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          2. Yes, he sometimes does that….mostly caesar cause then he can say he had his veggies for the day! Lol.

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          3. Hmmmmmm, I answered your message but I don’t see it went thru. So, if this is a repeat, sorry. He will order a caesar salad or rarely a mixed one and THAT would count for his days allotment of veggies! Lol

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