Share Your World – Questions for June 9, 2020

This is my first time participating in SYW, but I have always enjoyed reading the answers of other bloggers I follow. Thanks to Melanie (Sparks From a Combustible Mind) for the questions. I look forward to participating.

And now for the questions:

How comfortable are you speaking in front of large groups of people?

Public speaking has always been a bit of an out-of-body experience for me. It is literally like I am sitting back watching someone else. So, I can speak to a room or even a small auditorium of people with no problem. I have never spoken to groups larger than that so I am not sure how that would go. People always come and congratulate me after — telling me how well I did which I find bizarre. The one thing I know, however, is I must speak from the heart. Reading from pre-prepared notes is more challenging. I am not sure how well I could deliver something someone else wrote for me.

What would be the best thing you could reasonably expect to find in a cave?

Cave drawings amaze me. I find them fascinating and such a find would be my best case discovery. I can do without the normal cast of characters like bobcats, bears, snakes, and bats, but seeing the marks left by early people tells me of their desire to communicate and leave something behind. I think that is the hope of all writers. What we leave in this world might be as important as how we lived in this world.

What did you think was going to be amazing but turned out to be horrible?

I took a job as a Social Media Specialist for a fulfillment company. I learned after I was hired, that twice in the company’s history, the president had come in and fired everyone. It was toxic. I did not last long before I was laid off. My boss was a female attorney and she was more toxic than the environment which was hard to imagine.

What’s the silliest thing you’ve observed someone get upset about?

Where I grew up, the guys loved to drink, especially on the weekend. This event was silly but tragic. Two life-long friends got in a row because one of their children threw a ball in the creek that belonged to his friend’s child. They were drinking. One pulled out a gun and shot the other. He lost his life that day.

That was dark, so let’s leave on something positive.


Please feel free to share something that gave you an uplifted spirit during this past week. 

20 thoughts on “Share Your World – Questions for June 9, 2020”

  1. Welcome Maggie and thanks for participating in Share Your World! Great answers, and the one about the two men was sobering. One reason that some folks fight for better gun control I suppose. That was really discouraging and I suspect the children involved were greatly impacted and will never forget that day. Your gratitude answer was awesome!! We can all use more hugs! 😀 I worked for a few toxic bosses and in several toxic work environments, and that kind of thing just leads (in my opinion) to a lot of turnover in employees. Why stick around in such a job? Have a wonderful week!

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  2. Happy to answer those questions.
    1) Very comfortable. I was a trade union organiser for a long time, so was used to speaking to groups in excess of 200 people+. I went for the ‘Inspired orator’ persona. 🙂
    2) Bones. It would be interesting to discover what they used to eat, and if they turned to cannibalism.
    3) Most of my life so far? No, just joking. Maybe travelling to some places I thought would be amazing, but they weren’t. (Like Greece, which was crowded with tourists, too hot in summer, and full of mosquitoes.)
    4) As an EMT for 22 years, I could fill your post with this. But a man who bit his fingernail down during a horror film, until he drew blood. Then he felt ill at the sight of the blood, so called 999. (911) Ridiculous! (Not as dramatic as your example, but we don’t own guns. Fortunately!)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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