Awakening The Butterfly: Personal Transformation During A Global Pandemic


Turning the corner during these difficult times is not easy. I struggle and I am fortunate. I do not have the struggles so many people like my daughter must face. I am so proud of her for taking positive steps and for being brave enough to reimagine a new version of herself when the pandemic is behind us. I know she appreciates your reads, comments and follows. She is a tough cookie. ❤️

Two Moms And A Toddler

“The Caterpillar does all the work, but the butterfly gets all the publicity”

~ George Carlin

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It was Valentines’ Day in 1989. I was walking to the bus stop to catch my ride to school. We had just moved to Yarmouth, Maine from Anchorage, Alaska a few months prior and I was not adjusting well to the change. It was snowing that day and I remember someone telling me as I neared the bus stop that school was canceled. A snow day! I remember scoffing at the idea of it. In Alaska, a “snow” day rarely happened. You slapped chains on the wheels of the bus and off you’d go. I remember looking at it as a sign of weakness for some reason which gave me even greater cause to hate the recent move and resist settling in.

Being a latch-key kid in the ’80s, I…

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