Monday Missive – What Day is it Anyway – June 8, 2020


Time is certainly moving at a fast pace although each individual day crawls by. Salvador Dali’s painting “Persistence of Memory” might be the best artwork to represent this time period. If you are not familiar, it is the painting of the ‘melting’ clocks. It is interesting to note during this time period, Dali use a method of  “self induced psychotic hallucinations” to create his art. Maybe we are all experiencing something similar.

Friday our oldest grandson graduated from high school — with honors. We are so proud of him. We were able to see him walk via a livestream broadcast. They held the ceremony in the football field seated 6 feet apart. Every graduate had a mask printed with the school name and logo. The only time they did not wear them was when they received their diploma and had their photo taken. It is hard to believe this is the same little boy that started to spend a week every summer with us in Florida when he was four years old. This fall, he plans to attend Clemson University. No one yet knows what the college outlook will be in the fall,  but we are hopeful it will be a good experience for him.

Our walk this morning was difficult. 99% humidity makes it tough for me especially going up and down our hilly walkway. We cut the walk short, though. I stopped to take a photo of a flower which was evidently ample time for a yellow jacket to find its way onto hubby’s sock. He did not notice it until the sting! He is not allergic, but the sting does swell so we decided to head back home and tend to the sting.

I posted a two new pieces from my writing class here if you are interested in reading. These are exercises so I put a short explanation above each for clarity. The new work is at the top of the page.

Hubby continues to find something to change on the container garden. It now has a door and wire surrounding it in hopes of keeping visitors at bay. Most of the plants recovered after the rains we had. I have one cucumber plant that has taken off like mad! I love cucumbers, hubby not so much.

The virus continues to forge ahead claiming more victims every day.  Yesterday we dropped from 1370 new cases down to 921. I am sure some will see this as progress, but we have seen 996 deaths since March 22 and a total of 35,546 cases to date. We had our first pediatric death in the last week.


So, we continue with our same precautions. Very few people wear masks locally which increases our exposure even if we try to take every precaution possible. I feel less safe now that more people are out in the grocery stores unmasked so we continue to do curbside pickups with the exception of going to purchase meats and fresh vegetables when we run low.




17 thoughts on “Monday Missive – What Day is it Anyway – June 8, 2020”

  1. I had to look up what a yellow jacket was. Apparently, we just call them ‘wasps’ here. I have a bad reaction if I get stung by one, so always kill them if they get in the house.
    That humidity level would put me off walking too, so it was a good idea to cut it short.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I had one of those awful things sting me on my left breast as I was swinging on my swingset when I was a child, to this day I swear that’s why one is bigger than the other, LOL! 😉
    Then another time, we were getting in the pool and I reached for the ball and put my hand on an unseen yellowjacket and it stung my finger. It swelled up and Dad had to cut off my ring. Yup, don’t like em, don’t know what possible use they are, so we kill em.


  3. I hope the bee sting wasn’t bad. We had two days of high humidity last week. It’s just gross. When it gets that high, I want it to rain and get over it. Congrats to your grandson.

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        1. No, it will not be. I have heard a lot of seniors are taking a skip year so as not to be forced into remote classes. He plans to study engineering so I hope it all comes together for him.

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  4. Because I follow you, I check the covid situation in North Carolina routinely. Why on earth as your numbers go up so fast are people not taking ordinary precautions? I agree that it is now more dangerous for you to go out. That is very discouraging.

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    1. It is hard to fathom, Elizabeth. I cannot imagine what it would take for me to take such risks. Discouraging indeed. And we are a community of mostly retirees!

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