What the Hell Day Is It Anyway – June 1, 2020


I was not forced to use the new editor. This is my joy for the day!

I cannot believe it is June. We still have fears of the Corona virus, our citizens are dying at the hands of those in authority, and there is civil unrest the likes of which we have not seen for years. It is devastating and heartbreaking at every turn.

The virus continues. Our numbers are still on the rise. They have been hovering around 1000 new cases every day for almost a week. With the current state of civil unrest and protests, we will soon discover whether or not it was really safe to come out of quarantine. For me, I remain in my cocoon.

I have a culturally diverse family and network of friends. I love them all with a full heart.  I do not understand the prevalence of hate in this world — our differences could make us better, but fear has been woven into the very fabric of our nation. Civil unrest is the top blowing off after years and years of a systemic racial divide in this country and I will admit feeling helpless at times which I know serves no one. My heart breaks over and over. I do not have any eloquence in conveying the pain our nation is experiencing. Please do not try to engage me in debate about what is right and wrong. I will not participate in useless banter.

Yesterday our governor mobilized the National Guard. Today state flags are flying at half mast in order to remember those lost to the virus. What a dichotomy. I just spoke with a friend and we talked about how our outlook, our decisions, our hopes, our dreams and our challenges change on a daily basis. It can be overwhelming.

So that’s about all I can manage today. I hope readers are maintaining their physical and mental wellbeing. It is a challenge on the best of days.

(Still having trouble with the media functions. Anyone else?)


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14 thoughts on “What the Hell Day Is It Anyway – June 1, 2020”

  1. I think you speak for all of us when you say how heartbreaking this is. I agree that it is overwhelming to always be contemplating how everything is changing. I can’t keep up, and I can’t decide if that’s good or bad. I guess it just is.

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  2. Your slideshow worked well for me, Maggie.
    I have a theory about Trump. I believe he both wants and welcomes a new civil war. He thinks he will win, and then he can be a dictator, something like Mussolini.
    I hope he isn’t proved right.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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