And So We Continue – WDIIA May 29, 2020


What Day Is It Anyway is the brainchild of Linda Hill. In this crazy time of a global pandemic, it is easy to lose track of time. This confusion is happening more frequently the longer we are in this lull of life as we once knew it.

I know it’s Friday because yesterday was #ThursdayDoors, so again I am beholding to this community for helping me keep track. So what is running through my brain these days?

  • First of all, never underestimate how far reaching your blog might be. When I wrote about my Basic Training experience, I commented about the attached photo and the POW/MIA bracelet I wore. This led to some research with my friend and she has now been in contact with the family of Major John Edward Bailey – the name on the POW/MIA bracelet she has had since the 60s. She exchanged emails with his family and now knows his full story and will be returning the bracelet to them. Such an emotional exchange.
  • The rain is continuing off and on. Our ground is soggy and the days are mostly grey. It is messing with my positive outlook. Our house is positioned to take advantage of the winter sun and deflect the summer sun, so inside on cloudy days, it can be dark.
  • The good news is we look to have a bumper crop of Poison Ivy and weeds this year!
  • Yesterday, our state had one of the largest numbers of hospitalizations and deaths since the virus began here. We are in Phase II of opening up, so I am not sure that bodes well for us.
  • On a blogging note, two things:
    • The new editor is looming out there. Ugh.
    • Did .you know when you preview your blog, you have an option to see how it looks on mobile devices? There are a few bloggers who might want to look at this.
  • We lost a number of plants after the deluge of rain. The basil, some lettuce, some of the new tomato starts, the cilantro and two cucumber plants did not make it. We will try to replant if the predictions for sunny weather remain.
  • Our night visitor returned. He’s a big guy — seems to have fared well over the winter months. Photo below.
  • I enrolled in Writers in the Pandemic – 3, which will start Monday. I am looking forward to this class as it explores more of the different types of nonfiction writing.
  • We now have 3 or 4 hummingbirds that frequent the feeders. They have started their swooping courtship flying and their aggressive mid air battles. They can be interesting and somewhat frightening to watch.
  • I have not seen any friends or family since I returned from our mountain getaway on March 13th. I really miss my family, but I am still not willing to risk anyone’s health by planning any family visits.
  • Our grandson graduates June 5th. They are having graduation in the stadium but only two guest can be in attendance. I am grateful he will have a ceremony, but so sad we will miss seeing him walk.
  • Stay safe my friends.

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27 thoughts on “And So We Continue – WDIIA May 29, 2020”

  1. Have you tried the Classic editor? I’ve always used that, and that one will be around until 2022. It’s a lot like the one they’re getting rid of, which I never used anyway. The “old” editor they’re getting rid of is the one they tried to replace the Classic editor with before. In your case, the Classic editor is at The block editor is like a nuclear screwdriver: of the hundred or so block types they’ve given us, I maybe need four or five, and my guess is that it’s the same for you.

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    1. John, honestly I am not sure which editor I am using other than I know it is not the Gutenberg editor. I know most people would never need most of the templates/blocks. I am sure it will be much like the Divi theme I used for many of my web clients. I just think for most bloggers, it will be overkill. I will check out the classic editor. Thank you.

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  2. Your bear friend is large. Kind of impressed that you have one wandering around, kind of glad that we don’t. I didn’t know there were writing courses based on the Pandemic, but it sounds fascinating. I look forward to reading about what you’ve learned, if you choose to share it here.

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    1. Thank you, Mary. The POW story was heartbreaking in its detail, but it brought closure to the family. It is not unusual to see bears in our area. We keep air horns near the house in case we need to run one off.

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  3. Does he use the guest room?! Yikes! Does he bring friends or family??!! Lol.
    Sorry about the plants you lost. Also, heard the NC numbers today. Other states going up, including arizona. No one should be surprised unless they believe a certain very uninformed person! This is sad.
    Ouemr hummingbirds are voraciously suckling down two feederfulls of their “food” per week. Such great entertainment. Some of ours remain all winter!

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    1. Our state counts increased over 1,000 each day for the last two days. Not looking good. I am so glad you have hummingbirds, too. They are a delight to watch.


  4. love the story bracelet, Maggie! awesome! congratulations to your grandson and its a good thing that they have ceremony. that big bear scares me! take care. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Wilma. They are going to live-stream his graduation ceremony, so we will be able to watch. And yes, the bear is formidable. Not a visitor to be taken lightly.


  5. Any place people go for vacations will bring the virus with them. It is rising in Maine for instance. At some point we may realize that we are all really part of this. It is definitely not a “blue state” virus.

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    1. Our counts have increased over 1,000 per day for the last two days and nearing 1,000 for the days prior. I am not feeling at ease, that’s for sure.

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