One Liner Wednesday – Literary Icons

“Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touch.”

Judy Blume

Last night I sat on a Crowdcast panel discussion with Margaret Atwood and Judy Blume. I thought this quote says everything about how we should all treat one another. Color me inspired (will anyone get that phrase anymore?)

Image from Facebook

It took a long time to post these images from my morning walk from the media library. This gives me a sense of foreboding about the upcoming move to the new editor.

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23 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – Literary Icons”

  1. Have you had some rain? The photos look very nice with the water on the plants.
    I get “Colour me…” even though I spell it differently. (As in ‘correctly’. 🙂 )
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Ha, Pete, of course the spelling! In school I tried to be exotic and use the UK spellings for many words. My teachers kept correcting my misspelling. Yes, it is still cloudy, rainy and a bit depressing. A little sunshine would be welcome even if short lived. Our ground is soggy and our humidity is hovering around 99%.

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    1. Still cloudy and wet although there is finally a promise of sun in the forecast. I am glad you enjoyed the crowdcast. They are both inspirational in such different ways.

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  2. Your photos are beautiful. I, too, am worried about this new editor. No one seems to like it. As if surviving a pandemic weren’t enough trouble, now I have to deal with something else new? Bad timing, WP.

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  3. Just perfectly beautiful statement. Comforting thought. Your flowers are lovely. I’m sure the rain helped that happen, but it’s hard on the moods when it’s so constant! I’ll mail you some sunshine! 😍

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