One Liner Wednesday – Raindrops and People


This quote seems appropriate for today. We have had 13 inches of rain in the last 48 hours and it is still raining. The low lying areas of our town are all flooded.

It also struck me that we, as people, are like the raindrop. We do not claim responsibility for the flood.

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23 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – Raindrops and People”

    1. According to our home rain gauge, we received over 16 inches of rain this week, Pete. The ground is soggy and the air feels heavy. There is a bit of sun peeking through although it’s supposed to remain cloudy with possible light rain over the next five days or so. I might need a boat!

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    1. It’s been a wet, wet, week, Dan. Well over 16 inches of rain. The lower lying areas in our town all flooded. We were okay on our hill, but the garden is going to need some replanting.

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  1. Wow. I never heard that one, but it really says it all regarding today’s world. Too many are self-absorbed and don’t realize the impact they have. I hope the rain lets up for you soon.

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    1. Thanks, Ron. That quote really resonated with me, especially given our current circumstance. It has stopped raining for the time being, but it has been an extremely wet week here.


  2. The quote applies to so many things. It reminds me of a cartoon where Snoopy licks a snowman and comes back later when the sun is out. The snowman is almost melted. Snoopy thinks, “I only licked it once!” I hope the waters recede soon leaving plenty of green and growing flowers.

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    1. JoAnna, I think so many people are of a similar mindset as Snoopy. We do not think about the repercussions of our decisions. The rain has moved out, but we are a soggy, soggy mess.

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    1. North Carolina got hit hard, Laura. We have had over 16 inches of rain this week according to our home rain gauge. It is a soggy mess, but at least we are high enough that we did not have any flooding. Hope you are staying dry!


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