Slip Sliding Away – WDIIA May 15, 2020


I don’t know what happened to this week, but just like that, it is Friday. I suppose with Mother’s Day, my birthday, my writing class, and some stresses in my extended family, I am doing well to be here at all.

87C36E58-F175-41B0-9D6C-1FE8C9180324I am suffering from a severe lack of focus. It has always been a joke in our family that people get things done when they get around to it. Voila! The birth of the “Round Tuit” a small, usually wooden coin with those words printed on it. That’s what I need to vanquish all my excuses for not getting things done. I lack motivation. I think this might have been the first week the stay-at-home order got to me.

30C728B7-751A-4849-BA51-23C48BA7C569Hubby has been working furiously to build a larger raised container garden. It is finally time to fill with dirt and get some plants in the ground. I am hoping for potatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and I would love to think lettuce but it may be too warm for that. Since this garden is further from our house, he will install chicken wire around the outside to minimize unwanted guests.

Last night we had tacos with homemade refried beans and having fresh cilantro from the garden makes all the difference in the taste. We need to get our plants in the ground, so that will be our focus this weekend. My friend Lisa, generously posts planting guides on her natural gardening blog for our region of North Carolina. If you enjoy gardening, you will enjoy her wealth of knowledge and encouragement.

The ‘Writers in the Pandemic 2’ class has me struggling a bit but I am chalking it up to the general sense of reluctance I have felt all week. I really do enjoy the class and the weekly Zoom gatherings with this group of amazing writers from throughout the U.S. provide appreciated encouragement. The class will come to a close this Sunday, but there will be another class to follow. It appears to be more demanding based on comments for those currently in the class.

Yesterday was a perfect late spring day in North Carolina and today looks to follow suit. We have grocery pickup today and loads of gardening to do this weekend. Yesterday I listened to our governor. As far as efforts to re-open the state, the bottom line is decide what risks you are willing to take but remember the virus is still here and the same people that were high risk in early March are still high risk.

Places of business are opening up, curbside service is going away in many places, and personal care businesses are defying the stay-at-home order but there are no repercussions for those businesses. No arrests and no prosecutions. Now it appears it is time to sit back and see what unfolds with those willing to take such risks.

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