Happy Pandemic Birthday to Me

Candles at my age are a fire hazard. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

My husband gave me the bad news at midnight last night. 😂 I’m now a year older. We always joke about him being older, but it’s only by a few moths. This morning I was thinking that both our mothers’ pregnancies would have overlapped by a few months. He the oldest in his family and me the youngest. My mother wanted six children, but the doctor told her I should be the last and she listened having a tubal ligation after I was born.

I thought I would take a look back and just see what was happening the year I was born. From Wikipedia:

  • 1954 – The Tournament of Roses Parade becomes the first event nationally televised in color
  • 1954 – Detonation of “Bravo”, a 15 megaton Hydrogen bomb on Bikini Atoll. 1,000 times more powerful than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki weapons, it vapourised three islands, displaced the islanders and caused long lasting contamination.
  • 1954 – Joseph McCarthy discredited in Army-McCarthy hearings
  • 1954 – Censure or formal disapproval on Senator Joseph McCarthy after the Army-McCarthy hearings. He died three years later in 1957.
  • 1954 – President Eisenhower proposes the Domino Theory: If South Vietnam fell to communism, so too would all nations of Southeast Asia, and eventually worldwide.
  • 1954 – First Indochina War ends after the U.S. kept sending aid to the French. France was defeated by Ho Chi Minh and his army at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu.
  • 1954 – The CIA overthrows Guatemala’s president Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán (Operation PBSUCCESS)
  • 1954 – Saint Lawrence Seaway ACTH, permitting the construction of the system of locks, canals and channels that permits ocean-going vessels to travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the North American Great Lakes, is approved
  • 1954 – Brown v. Board of Education, a landmark decision of the Supreme Court, declares state laws establishing separate public schools for black and white students and denying black children equal educational opportunities unconstitutional
  • 1954 – The U.S. becomes a member of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (or SEATO) alliance
  • 1954 – Geneva Conference. U.S. rejects the French decision to recognize Communist control of North Vietnam. U.S. increases aid to South Vietnam.
  • 1954 – The People’s Republic of China lays siege on Quemoy and Matsu Islands; Eisenhower sends in Navy to demonstrate an invasion of Taiwan would not be permitted
  • 1954 – The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes at an all-time high of 382.74, the first time the Dow has surpassed its peak level reached just before the Wall Street Crash of 1929
  • 1954 – NBC airs The Tonight Show, the first late-night talk show, originally hosted by Steve Allen
  • 1954 – The Democrats retake both houses of Congress in the Midterms. Will keep the Senate until 1981 and the House until 1994.

Here’s a screen shot of a North Carolina newspaper on the day I was born. Not where I lived then or now, but interesting just the same. Of course, perusing the papers also reminded me of the state of civil rights at the time – and in some places today, we seemed to have regressed. From Chronicling America:


I just received a video call from my daughter’s family as they sang happy birthday to me. It was so sweet. My almost three year old granddaughter and I have learned to “play” virtually, so it was quite a lively call.

Hubby cooked and cleaned the kitchen all day on Mother’s Day. We have a few of his fancy high-end pancakes left over that we will warm up for breakfast. No big plans here, so just so grateful for the blessing of another year.


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  1. Congratulations, maggie. I was two years old when you were born. Toddling around in South London. 🙂
    That Corvette in the newspaper photo would be worth a lot more now, in good condition.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thank you for the good wishes, Pete. I was hoping they would list the price for the corvette , but I researched it. The price dropped in 1954, the second year of production, to a mere $2774.

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  2. Happy Pandemic Birthday to you! Interesting facts the year you were born, some devastating ones too. I was born in March of 61, my hubby in February of 62, so we are the same age for approximately two weeks, yet he always calls me “the ole lady” 😉

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  3. Happy birthday. My mum’s birthday was 12th May. Mine is July 15, 1954 so we’re practically the same age 🙂 I hadn’t realised quite how much was going on around the world in 1954.

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  4. Happy Belated Birthday. I had sisters born in 53 and 55, so I can imagine your childhood pretty well. I was born in the 40’s, 47 to be exact. It was actually quite different just those few years apart. The War had just ended and the Korean War was ongoing before you were all born.

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      1. I have been laughing reading tributes to Little Richard on his death. We had NO idea that those songs were sexual. I think a lot of that music went so far over our heads that it could be played on AM radio.

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  5. Happy birthday, AGAIN! How many sites can I go to today to say happy birthday?! Lol.
    Just wanted to comment on the VERY BUSY year you were born! So interesting to read all that info. Since I was 5 1/2 at the time, I don’t remember any of that info….lol.

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    1. It was a pretty good time to live through. Our class of ‘72 was on the tail end of the draft, thankfully. Younger people do not understand what that fear of being drafted during wartime was like.

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  6. Happy birthday, Maggie! I’m not far behind you as my birthday is next Monday, although I’m a year behind – 1955 is my birth year. But I have another friend whose birthday was this week — I need to send her a message.

    All good wishes for a good year ahead in these uncertain times.

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