SoCS – On Being a Cave Dweller

What an appropriate prompt Linda gives us in this time of quarantine. Here is today’s  Stream of Consciousness Challenge:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “cave.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Enjoy!

Let’s give it a shot.

Since my blog title is From Cave Walls, this should be easy for me, right? I mean, my entire concept was supposed to be about creating from the time of cave dwellers to the present. And now, I feel like a bit of a cave dweller myself. And I have not been very creative so there you go.

This morning we kept hearing a strange noise. It took a while to figure out what it was. I was on the phone with my daughter when hubby motioned for me to come and see something. He had a flashlight in hand and that is never a good sign. We walked into the living room and he shined a light into the fireplace and there was a Carolina Wren flying around in a panic. Now, if you have followed my blog for a while you might remember that we have had problems with these little birds in our house before. Hubby decided rather than open the door to the fireplace in hopes he would fly out the sliding glass door, it might be best to darken the fireplace so the bird would fly back up the chimney to the light. We covered the fireplace with cardboard wrapped in a dark grey towel making it rather dark and cave-like. Voila! An hour later the bird appears to have made his way out. Thank goodness.

We have been on a stay-at-home order since March 30, 2020 – about 40 days in total. Last night the governor allowed Phase I of opening the state. It is hard to understand the logic since the number of infections continues to rise. Did you know there are still 70,000 crew members stranded on cruise ships off various coasts throughout the U.S. Who knows how many people are almost forgotten in all this mess? Talk about cave-dwelling. I cannot imagine what it might be like to be confined to a cabin on a cruise ship while suffering from this virus. And those who remained healthy must worry with every breath they take. No thanks. We are staying put for a while.

I get how some people cave into the pressure of being isolated and really craving being out and about. I just know a lot more people are going to get sick. I might cave in to eating more cookies or baking brownies (and eating them) or taking too many naps or watching too much TV. But I am not ready to cave in to the desire to go out and about with the breathing, sneezing, and coughing public.

Do you remember the comic strip Alley Oop? No? How about this song inspired by the comic: