WDIIA -Thursday, May 7, 2020


New month, new bird on the calendar and still staying home. So, I am back to trying to remember what day it is in the sea of sameness in which we all seem to be floating.

What’s new, you ask?

  • I now know exactly how many seconds it takes for the carousel in my microwave to return my food to the front.
  • My first WDIIA post was on March 20, 2020.
  • Our state starts Phase I of opening our state back up on Friday.
  • Our county announced the first Covid related death today.
  • I wonder what it will take for me to feel safe again? That event will not happen Friday I can tell you that.
  • I failed miserably doing my art of the week feature on my blog.
  • Yesterday, I took a long afternoon nap and still went to bed early.
  • We are experiencing another return of cold weather over the next few days.
  • Most of our flowers are beyond their blooming stage.
  • The rose breasted grosbeaks are still here and we only have one hummingbird.
  • I feel chunky but have resisted getting on the scale.
  • I resented the nurse at our doctor’s office talking loudly and slowly to me over the phone as if I was frail and feeble.
  • Hubby is almost finished with the new garden. It will be huge! Pictures soon.
  • I feel drawn to curl up under an afghan and read all day.
  • My Pandemic writing class has me deep in thought about our future.