September 10, 2001

Monday September 10, 2001 I was in the jury duty waiting room. I was soon to be selected as a juror on a Federal case. Before being called up for questioning, I spent my time rough sketching people sitting in front of me – observing posture. The next day the world would change. But on this day, no one knew.



20 thoughts on “September 10, 2001”

  1. Gosh, it was weird to read the date. Do you remember how we thought 9/11 would change the world, but how it didn’t, really? I can’t help but think how a lot of us would like Corona to change everything…

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    1. There were changes, but mostly in travel I think. Today, many of us hope this pandemic will open our minds to the delicacy of life and our planet. I am hopeful the loud and angry people are just a loud and angry minority and not indicative of most of society.

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  2. How amazing, Maggie. Just a normal day (will, I suppose unusual in that you were about to serve as a juror) with no hint of the cataclysm about to happen the next day.

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    1. Yes, Mary. On that day we were all worried about how jury duty would momentarily disrupt our lives. We had no idea what true disruption would play out.

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    1. It was a way to pass the time. They postponed the trial because they could not fly their expert witnesses in. It was a frightening time.


    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Pete. Those sketch artists must work fast. When people caught on I was watching them, many of them relocated. I guess they cannot so that in the courtroom.

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  3. We were in Yankee Stadium watching the Red Sox play the Yankees under a brilliant blue Queens sky. Never forgot how amazing was the contrast with the next day.

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