On Being Alone and Defining Yourself

I was reminded of this post after watching a friend’s video regarding how people have lost a sense of who they are in the face of the pandemic.

I wrote this on my old blog back in 2013, years after 9/11. The entire subject of how we define ourselves, is pertinent for today and I hope encouraging knowing we have the capacity to rise above and even redefine ourselves if necessary.

A Life Worth Living

I spend about 80% of my time alone. It is not something I choose, but it is the hand I have been dealt for the last 10 months or so. I have always been a bit of a loner I suppose. I was the youngest of four children and often a pain. The one that everyone else had to feel some responsibility for. Again, a situation not of my choosing. I adjusted to being alone. I learned at an early age how to entertain myself. As I sit this morning and gaze out the window, I realize my tendency to label myself. My first labels:  the baby, a loner, quiet, shy. Funny how I never chose the label self-sufficient.

As I grew up my siblings went in their own chosen directions and eventually, I became the last child at home. Being the last child at home (label: only child) meant…

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