It is Not Time Yet – And Other Bits and Bobs

Our governor just extended our stay-at-home order through May 8th. I am somewhat relieved. I had already decided I would be staying home no matter what, but then I have that luxury other than our ritual of purchasing essentials.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to go out and meet with friends and hug my children and grandchildren. I would love to take jewelry classes again and go to the Arboretum or visit the Blue Ridge Parkway. I would love to hike Craggy Gardens and see the rhododendrons in bloom late May or early June. We all have things we would love to do.

It must be difficult to make the decisions for an entire state or country for that matter. Each of us have different situations and problems, I realize. But I do care about protecting the lives of people who may otherwise be at risk when others take needless risk. I saw someone who said ‘let those at risk just stay at home’. How do we know who is at risk — it seems everyone now. And even if we knew, some of us must go out from time to time to buy food.

I have beloved family who have compromised immune systems. They deserve to be protected.

The news this morning indicated that the older population (that’s me folks) may not display the classic symptoms. How many days in this craziness are we now and we are just hearing this. The information is unfolding with something new every day.

I have no doubt there will be some who will continue to defy this order. That puts them, their family and our entire community at risk. I will not be one of them.

In other news on the home front…

Our trail cam captured a bobcat roaming our back yard a few nights ago. It is a nice sized cat. It must have noticed the infrared light go off when the camera engaged.


I hope you will enjoy this little bit of spring outside my back door.




16 thoughts on “It is Not Time Yet – And Other Bits and Bobs”

  1. Glad to hear your lockdown has been extended. I know exactly how you feel – it’s worth missing out on a few things, including hugs, if it keeps people safe and well. Love the bobcat photos and the spring colours.

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    1. Mary, I hope people can be a little more patient — we have come this far. It is so hard to understand. I know there are major hardships and I know they are serious, but so is losing your life.

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    1. I am afraid Bobcats are opportunistic and will take the easiest prey they can find. Usually that means rodents, rabbits, wild birds, feral cats, and small fawns. If they can take down a fawn, it is entirely possible they could take a small pet.

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      1. We had a rude awakening when a badger got into the garden, then kept coming back until it got all our chickens, one by one. I doubt a badger would get near a household cat, though. It is the one time I wish I owned a gun.

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  2. We don’t have any wild animals the size of a Bobcat, so that’s exciting to see.
    I agree about older vulnerable groups, and I am going to continue this ‘living carefully’ for a long time after any return to ‘normal’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. We have seen bobcats in the late afternoon, Pete, but they are predominately nocturnal. It is exciting to see them – from a distance.

      I had my first pandemic dream last night and I was quite relieved to realize it was just a Dream.

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  3. a big bobcat you’ve got there, Maggie. 🙂 i’m glad your lockdown is extended. i am not ready to be out yet especially with our numbers currently reported. quite alarming still. stay well 🙂

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    1. Please stay safe, Wilma. I am siding with science in making my personal decisions.

      The bobcat was a healthy fellow!


  4. Don’t have any bobcats that large around here. I did see a much smaller one at dusk one evening several miles away from our home. As for lockdown, I think we will have to make a lot of decisions on our own eventually. I wish that there was a coordination at the federal level. But I wish a lot of things!!!


  5. I love the shots those cameras get — Hello Mr Bobcat! My husband’s grandparents have caught some really neat stuff too.
    I just read an article today about the extreme fatigue and muscle aches — which is what lasted the longest for me, longer than elevated temperature, longer than breathlessness, WAY longer than cough — and I was all OH YA THINK?!? Rolled my eyes so hard it nearly hurt.
    It’s hard, because while I no longer worry about myself, it doesn’t stop me worrying about whether I can now, more than a month later, infect people. We need scientific data. We need to know. And sadly, but rightly, we’re still in the throes of battling the damn thing.

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    1. Joey, I am glad you are feeling somewhat better, but am sorry you have had the lingering effects. I have read, as you have, that the long term effects can be so difficult.

      We enjoy seeing our creatures from the camera. Not as fond of the big black hairy guys that show up occasionally. They look so friendly but YIKES not so!


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